FB app for Windows Phone – Facebook for Windows Phone 10

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If you are a user of Windows phone and you have been looking for a way to get the FB app for Windows phone then this post is your post. for quite some time now, Windows have refused to release any latest phone device. Since the deal Microsoft had with Nokia to create Lumia phones has since been concluded. from that time till now there has not been any new Windows phone released. and maybe that is one of the reasons why we have not seen any updates on the Windows Phone platform. However, if you are still using a Windows phone and would love to get the Facebook app for your phone then you must read to the end of this post because this post will teach you all that you need to know to get a Windows phone FB app.

FB app for Windows Phone
FB app for Windows Phone

FB app for Windows phone

Facebook app for Windows phone is just like the normal Facebook app you have on your Android or iOS devices. The windows mobile devices used to be the third in line after Android and iOS. but since there has been no latest device for quite a long time now. I think it is safe to say that the Windows phone era is over. However, there are still ways to comfortably use the Windows phone and also get the latest apps on the platform. so basically there is little difference between the windows facebook app and others.

Facebook for Windows Phone 10

I hate to burst your bubble. However, I must tell you this. The windows Facebook application is only available for Windows 10 mobile devices. So, sorry if you use a windows phone that is below a Windows 10 OS then is not possible for you to use the Facebook application. What you have to do now is to try and upgrade your OS to latest Windows 10. If you can do that then you just might be able to use Facebook on your windows mobile device.

Facebook for Windows phone not working

If you downloaded the FB app for your Windows phone and is not working in the past. There might be one thing that caused it. You should check if your windows OS is the latest Windows 10. With that and only that you can use the Facebook app on your Windows phone. which is why you have to upgrade your mobile OS to Windows mobile OS 10. That being said if you are experiencing problems using your Facebook app then upgrade your OS to the latest Windows 10.

Features of the fb app on Windows mobile

There are lots of features present on the Fb app on the windows platform. Basically, all features on the Facebook app for Android and iOS is present on the Facebook app for the windows mobile. You get features such as your, news feeds, timeline, events, cover photos, Facebook profile, adding friends searching for friends Facebook groups, status, etc. Just like a normal Facebook user would, you can also get all the features on your Windows mobile Facebook app.

Facebook for Windows phone free download

The FB app for your Windows mobile phone is free to download from the Microsoft app store. there is no form of payment whatsoever required for you to do that. the only requirement is that your device must be Windows 10 or above for you to use it. Follow the procedure below to download the app.

  • Navigate to your Windows app store on your device.
  • Tap on it to open
  • Now on the search bar type and search for ‘Facebook.’ And wait for the results to come out.
  • Once the results are out, tap on Facebook with the white and blue icon.
  • Now of Download.

That is the end of the process of downloading the app. What you have turned on download the app will start to download to your Windows phone. Once the download is complete you can now go over and set up the Facebook app before you can use it on your windows for. Which the setup process should be the same as that of Android and iOS. However to do that check this my post on Facebook sign-up setup and login.


Even if there has not been a recent update on the Windows mobile platform in terms of new devices, it is necessary for those already existing Windows mobile users to have or get their hands on the Facebook app and use. And that is why I have decided to make this post. Make sure you go through this post and read it carefully in order for you to have the Facebook app installed on your Windows device. with this post, you have everything necessary to have the facebook app installed on your device. therefore make you of this post today and thank me later.

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