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The FB app video are videos uploaded on the Facebook platform, of different kind of activities users engage in and more. The video consists of any kind of video you can find on Earth from movies to comedies to reality videos to funny videos. Basically, any kind of video can be uploaded on the Facebook platform and it can be called FB app video, that is videos found on facebook app. On this post, you will be taught how to upload a Facebook video, how to watch Facebook videos and more on the on this post today.

FB App Video
FB App Video

FB App Video

Getting on facebook some of the things most users engage in doing are uploading videos to facebook. Not only facebook users use video contents nowadays even ads users do pos voice ads. Due to the fact that people are more likely to see a video and click on to than a picture or a pictureless post. So facebook videos are becoming very rampant, and today we will do justice to it. also to see some of the apps to use in downloading a facebook video.

How Do I Post A Video On Facebook

To post a video on the Facebook platform is as easy as a breeze. it just requires a few clicks and you are done. The below procedure totally explain it clearly for you.

  • Tap on Add video/photos on the share box which is at the top of your newsfeed.
  • Now click on upload Photos/ videos.
  • Select any of the videos you want and tap on it.
  • Write anything you want to write on it
  • Select who can see the video which is the audience.
  • Finally, click on Post.

Clicking on Post will upload the video to the Facebook platform for you and others you have determined on it to see and play.

How to watch Facebook videos – FB App Video

If you are looking for a way to view Facebook videos, then continue reading. viewing or watching Facebook videos is much easier than uploading one. If you come across any Facebook video and you want to watch, you can do so by tapping on the play icon in the middle of the video to play. You can tap on pause to pause it.

How to add video to your Facebook page or group

If you want to post a video to your Facebook page or group carry out the below instruction.

  • Enter the page or group you want to post to.
  • Now click on the Photos/video icon.
  • Select a video and tap Done.
  • Type in anything you want to say, after that tap on Continue and finally hit Publish.

After doing that, the video will be published for the page and the group viewers to see and react to.

How to stop videos from playing automatically on your newsfeed

Because Facebook used an automatic play on videos if you want to stop videos from playing on your newsfeed then you have to disable that function. Doing so is easy or does not require any much work. I have described how to do that below.

  • Take up your mobile phone and open your Facebook app.
  • Now tap on the three vertical lines at the top.
  • When the next page has opened scroll down and tap Privacy and Settings.
  • Now tap on Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on Media and Contacts.
  • Finally, tap on Autoplay. Then select Never Autoplay videos or select any other options you want.

Facebook video downloader app

This is an app that you can use to download any facebook video you come across on the Facebook platform. This app becomes necessary due to the fact that Facebook does not have the option to download videos from it as only pictures can. To know how to use this app check my post on Facebook video downloader apk.

HD Facebook video downloader

The above link to my other post on facebook video downloader app can also be used as the facebook HD video downloader. That means that the app can be used to download HD facebook videos as well.


Videos are a part of Facebook and it is necessary to know how to use them appropriately on the platform. From this post you have known how to upload, download, stop from auto-playing, and also how to view the video on the Facebook platform and more. That means you now know everything to know about FB app video.

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