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There are lots of conference calling apps for pc, Android and iOS devices, but today we are going to be focusing on free conference call app for pc. Yes, there are so many conference services and apps but not all are free. However the once that you can finally get free, most of them do not have the necessary functions you will need. And that’s the same reading why this post is coming your way today. If this sounds like what you might be into then let’s go right ahead and jump in on it without no further waste of time today. 

Conference Call

Conference calls have been around for quite a long time and are still here. Besides, it’s been given more attention in recent times more than it has been ever before. There are new apps and new platforms and sites coming out all for the purpose of calling in a group. The majority of the group calling platforms out there are paid services, we know that they must make a profit from it. so getting a free and fully functional one becomes a little bit difficult.

Conference calling or group calling is something with lots of advantages to it. Most of the time it’s very difficult if not impossible to get everyone in a room to chat. It can be impossible to do, even if you are just friends or members in a board meeting. In fact, even most board meetings happen over a conference call nowadays. Also, friends can decide to do a group calling with each other when they are on holiday, which will be impossible to bring together physically. All these make group calling a good development.

Free conference call app

Like as I have mentioned above on the introduction of this post that there are lots of conference calling apps. And few good free calling apps which is why this post was made. I can understand why one might be looking for a post on free conference call apps. We have the Skype app, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and others that we can use for that purpose present on Android and iOS platforms. However, there are not that much for free conference call app for pc. 

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We have been using these conference call apps on Android and iOS devices for long now. If I could remember clearly, Skype was the first video calling app I used though I never did the group call on it. But now there have been lots of updates including the group calls on it. We also have the WhatsApp group calling feature which is very easy to use. So basically there are lots of apps available to make free conference call on mobile devices. 

Free Conference Call App for Pc

Now here we are the main purpose of this post. There are not much free conference call app for pc, in comparison to the paid once. However not all are apps, some of them are websites platforms. So we would be mentioning them here today. But you get my drift, they are all conference calling platforms so not to worry. 

Now without any more delay let’s go right ahead and start talking about the purpose why we are here today. Which is the Free Conference Call App for Pc.


Yes, you saw it right skype is our number one free app for doing conference calls easily on any type of device you have. The app is available for android, ios, and even on pc and once you have the app installed you can start making free group calls easily. There is no big deal in using skype, as it lets you connect with friends and can also let you do screen sharing and more. 

With skype you can add up to a total number of 25 participants for audio calls while the video group call option you are limited to only 10. This is still manageable and useable. All you need to do is to get the skype app for windows. I know most people would already have it installed on their pc.


As the names suggest this is the same WhatsApp that you have on your android or ios devices. Whatsapp is the number one messenger platform presently and as the days roll it is getting more sophisticated. I know that not many people know about its group calling feature but now you know. WhatsApp has a nice group calling or conference call feature which we can use on pc.

However, there is a problem, group calling on WhatsApp is only limited to the app alone and it’s, not available on WhatsApp web or on Pc. But there is a workaround, you can simply download any of the good android emulators out there to enjoy this feature with WhatsApp on pc.

FreeConference Software

This is actually a specialized software just for the purpose of free conference calling as the name says. The reason why it is coming on this spot is because it is not as popular as the first two we talked about. The free conference app is available on both windows and mac devices, so yes its made for computers.

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This app is mainly for business-minded people, so when you get it you will find more business functions and settings on it. There are lots of functions Business-wise you will find when you download this app and start using it. However, if you are making use of this app to talk with your friends, and not for business purposes, you would still find it very useful. Even those using it for business can still use the free version without having to opt-in for premium. Visit to get started.

Appear in

This is another very good platform when it comes to free calling on conference calls or group calls. Though there is no app available to use this platform on the web version is more than enough. All you have to do is access the site and sign up for a free account. Once you have signed up you can now access the free group calling feature which you can enjoy.

After creating an account users have the option to create a free conference call chat room where you can give to your friends. Or any other person which they will use to join the conference call anytime any day anywhere. There are also several other functions of this platform all you can get from the site.

Google Duo

Just like the Google Hangouts app, this app is kinda the new app in town. This app is very simple no many settings and unessary functions. The Google duo app is a social media app as you know and can be used for video calling audio calls and also group or conference calls. This app is pretty easy to use and can be downloaded from the play store or iOS store easily. Also, the app has a web platform, so it can be accessed from the computer. All you need to do is access the website sign up and you are good to go.


Confremncacall becomes more important than ever as the world evolves. and technology advances. It is therefore important to know the available apps to use in making this kind of call easily. Thank God you came across this post and have seen 5 of the best apps to use in making this kind of call. I can only hope that you make use of the imfromatio9n you have gotten here and decide which of these apps you will use.

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