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Facebook is social media as we all know. And Facebook has been around for a long time now as we all know. But not everyone knows that Facebook now has a dating platform., which has been around for about 2 years now and has been slowly rolling out. So on this post, you are going to see how to  Download Facebook Dating App. If you are interested in dating on Facebook then you have to read this post.

Download Facebook Dating App

People have been using facebook to find dates right from the time facebook started. Now there are lots of ways to find a date on the facebook platform easily. So if that’s your interest we would also mention in this post some of the ways to find a date easily for you to pick your choice from.

Free Facebook Dating Online

The options available for dating on facebook are many, we have the facebook dating app, the facebook dating feature, the facebook dating groups and more. We are only going to talk about two one on this post today. However to get all the complete ways to date on this platform.

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Using any of these methods it’s easy to find a date. But two methods are recommended by me for you today. Which are the Facebook dating app and the Facebook dating feature. In a moment, we will see how to Download Facebook Dating App and more on this post today.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating app or apps are not facebook’s own apps in the sense but are other dating apps on facebook. These apps have their groups and pages on the facebook platform where anyone can join and download the app or visit their website from there. They are 3rd party apps on facebook than are made specifically for the purpose of dating and can be accessed from Facebook directly. 

There are lots of them on Facebook we have the Zoosk, Tinder and more which can be gotten from there. All you have to do is access their pages or groups and get to the app. Let’s see how to Download Facebook Dating App below.

Download Facebook Dating App

To access and download any of these apps is easy. Like I have said above you just need to get to their groups or pages and the rest is history. Let us see the process below.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Now tap on the Seach bar and type in the words “Facebook dating app.”
  3. Tap on Search to initiate search and wait for the results to come out.
  4. Once the result is out you can decide to join the groups and like the pages of the apps.

After joining and liking their groups and pages you can check them and get the apps from there. Or visit their websites from there as the case may be.

Facebook Dating Feature

Now if you will recall the introduction l mentioned that facebook has its own dating service. You can call it the Facebook dating feature or facebook dating service. They mean the same thing. And like I said this feature is about 2-3 years old. Meaning its a new one and it is slowly been rolled out for more countries. And has just recently been rolled out fo the USA, so American users can now get a taste of this awesome feature.

In a way, this feature can also be referred to as the facebook dating app. Because its a feature that is inside the facebook app itself and can only be accessed from Facebook. This means that only facebook uses can use this feature or service.

Facebook Dating App Free

Like all the other dating apps we have on the Facebook platform, they are all free to use. So if you are wondering whether the Facebook dating app with all its features is free to use then you are in luck as it is free to use. That is of course when it is available in your location. Meaning that if it is not yet available in your location, it does not mean that it is not free to use at my point. All you can do is wait for it to be available to you to use just keep on checking your newsfeed till you see the notification that it is now available.

Facebook Dating App Profile

Well if course you have to create a very good and compelling dating profile if you are to attract real and good dates. Make sure to include all your best photos, add enough interesting things about you. Just make sure you like you enough to want to date you. Because by just sing your profile alone many potential dates are made. That is the main reason while the profile exists, to joe other people how interesting you will make as a date. Do not play with this feature, make sure you utilize it till the end.

How to use Facebook Dating

How these feature works is that, once its available in your country or location users need to opt-in to use it. First of all, to know if this feature is available, you have to check the top of your news feed for a notification telling you that it’s available. Or tap on your profile and check for the heart icon at the top right. If you find the heart icon there that means it is available in your location. Now tap on it to opt-in. Once a user has opt-in then they will have to create a separate profile for the dating purpose. Only users that have opted into dating can see the dating profile of other users. For more information about the dating service check the bellow post.

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Dating Groups

Dating groups is also another way of dating on Facebook since before the main Facebook dating as made available. So many people have been using it to date easily.

So if you are waisting fro the Facebook dating feature, you can start using this today to find a date. All you have to do is to do a simple search on Facebook with the keywords “Facebook dating groups.”


By the reason of the rolling out of this Facebook dating service, this is the best way to date on Facebook. As it is Facebook’s own specifically designed feature for that purpose for its users. This is preferable to the other ways to date on facebook. So this is the one I recommend for you if it is available in your location

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