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The words free mode and the words Facebook lite messenger are two different things. That are added together to form a sentence or a phrase. Now one thing is sure everyone loves free things the rich and the poor do not only the poor do. However free mode on Facebook lite messenger was introduced by Facebook a long time ago. And it is still in Vogue today. That is why this post is coming your way today. To teach you how to use the Facebook free mode on the Facebook lite messenger. Also to talk about free mode and lite messenger separately. The Importance of Free mode and the importance of lite messenger.

What is Facebook free mode?

Some time ago Facebook decided to collaborate with several service providers around the world. To decide on how to make certain parts of the Facebook platform free for users to use without data. And finally, after Facebook got over 50 service providers in different countries to agree to use Facebook free on their service. today the Facebook free mode is almost everywhere on the planet. The Facebook free mode contains everything including chatting, browsing through the Facebook newsfeeds and others but without being able to view pictures, videos and some other things on the Facebook platform. So why some of the things are free, to view pictures and videos requires data to do so. Meaning it is not entirely free of charge.

What is Facebook messenger lite?

We all know that lite apps are miniature versions of the already well established and known popular app. Light apps are streamlined versions of other an app with basically the same function as the original app. however do not think that because they are streamlined or miniature versions of the original apps that they can’t do what the original apps can do. Because they can, the only difference is just in the interface and other few departments that do not compromise the usage of the app. Basically, you can do almost anything using the lite app, that you can do on the original app. and the most important thing is that these lite apps have their own advantage.

Free mode on Facebook lite messenger

Now that you have seen what Facebook free mode and Facebook lite messenger is, it is now time to combine the words together. Free mode on Facebook lite messenger means using Facebook free mode on the Facebook lite app for chatting without data. Yes, chatting is the basic reason for using the Facebook messenger and therefore what do you do if you run out of data? What you do is that you quickly switch over to your lite app and continue chatting using Facebook on free mode. Now some of the importance of the Facebook free mode and the Facebook lite messenger will be talked about next on this post.

Importance free mode on Facebook lite messenger

The importance of the Facebook free mode on Facebook lite messenger and listed below.

  • Firstly Facebook free mode enables you to continue using Facebook even when your data is exhausted.
  • Even if you don’t have data you can still log into your Facebook account and chat.
  • You have more chatting time with the Facebook free mode than with your regular data. as Facebook free mode cannot be exhausted.
  • Using the lite messenger you save your data from being exhausted too quickly.
  • Also if you use an old Android device or a low spec Android device, there is still hope for you to use Facebook lite messenger and also Facebook free mode to chat on Facebook.
  • its also conserves your battery.

Let’s stop there for now. However, you will have to get the app in order for you to experience the full benefits and importance of the Facebook free mode on messenger lite. Next is how to download the app.

Downloading the Facebook lite messenger

Downloading the Facebook lite messenger is as easy as ABCD. all that you need is your mobile device and its app store, then a little bit of internet connection. Once those are ready then proceed to the procedure below.

  • Open your app store on your device to download the app.
  • Type and search for ‘Facebook messenger lite.’
  • tap on Install and Accept.

Once that is done, the download begins on your device. After the app is successfully downloaded, open it and follow the next procedure on how to use free mode on it.

Using the free mode

To use free mode on messenger lite is very easy. All you have to do is continue using Facebook messenger lite until your data runs out or when you don’t have data at all. Once your data has run out then you will automatically enter the Facebook free mode. And once you are there you are there till you have data again. However, as I said above you won’t be able to access or view pictures and videos using the Facebook messenger lite on free mode.


While the Facebook free mode is awesome and can be of help in an emergency where your data runs out mysteriously and unknowingly to you. It also is not entirely free, as you must have data in order to view pictures and videos even updates on timelines and others. However, it is only to manage until you scribe for another data plan. So do not put or keep all your focus on Facebook free mode. In anycase, the Facebook lite message on the other hand is an important app to get. If you have or use an old version or slow Android device. It is good to keep on your device.

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