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While some people are actually looking for free full movies online to download. others are looking for Free movie streaming app. They do not want to go through rigorous and the tedious process of battling with a download link to download a movie to their device. they just want a platform or an app where they can stream all kinds of movies. than having to stress themselves looking for a way to download a movie. If you are among that category then this post is for you. This post on free movie streaming app with teach you all the necessary things for you to get a free movie streaming on your device. All you have to do is to read through this post to get the knowledge you desire or require.

Free movie streaming app
Free movie streaming app

Free movie streaming ap

There are lots and I mean lots of free movie streaming app available on the two major mobile platforms we have today. Which are the Android and iOS, but not all the apps are good for one to download and start to use. And thank god you’ve come across this post because I will be recommending my number one streaming app for you on today’s post. Now the app I recommend for your streaming activities is called the mobdro app. This app never fails you when it comes to streaming of free content.

Free movie streaming app mobdro

I have personally been using this app for quite a very long time now and I am still using it today for streaming free movies online whenever I want. However, I don’t normally stream free movies a lot but I stream free programs and TV shows a lot using this platform. This platform contains or have lot of benefits for those looking to use it for their streaming activities. And some of them would be listed below now for you to see. So as to get your hopes high about this application because it will never fail you.

Importance of using the mobdro app

Below are some of the importance of the mobdro app. That you will find interesting and will make you start using it from today.

  • Well, first things first the mobdro app is free to use. But, you can upgrade to the premium model which is just a little token of money.
  • It contains thousands of channels for your viewing pleasure and for you to choose from.
  • It does not require any form of subscription before you can use. The only subscription is on the premium model. However, the Free mode is also almost as good as a premium.
  • You can also use it with Chromecast.
  • the capture feature can be used to download movies and watch them when you are offline.
  • Live streaming 24/7, includes both football movies and others.

There you have it, above are some of the benefits and importance of the mobdro application. Next will talk about how to download the mobdro application for your device.

How to download mobdro

To download the mobdro the application kindly carries out the following process.

  • Firstly visit the mobdro site here
  • Scroll down a little and tap on Download The App.

That is it, once you have tapped on download the app the download will begin. now to install the app make sure you’ve enabled your known sources on your device in order to do so.

How to stream using the mobile app.

To stream movies, sports, or any other streamable using the mobdro app. Carry out the below process to do so.

  • Now launched the mobdro application after downloading and installing.
  • Once the app is opened tap on any of the channel categories. Eg sport or movies.
  • Now tap on any of the channels under the categories you will want to stream and wait to load for your stream to begin.

Now that’s very easy. and just like that you now have a free full movie streaming app installed on your device without breaking a sweat. If you ask me I will say it’s amazing.


Now once you have the free movies streaming app which is the Mobdro app installed on your device they are quite a lot of benefits as I have said above. But also you can stream movies wherever you go using your phone and this application. also, eliminate the need for you to struggle with download links and ads before you can download a particular movie. In general, having a movie streaming app is the solution to looking for various kinds of download sites. And I would like you to start using the mobile app today instead of you scouring the internet for movies to download. Once you have the mobdro app installed on your device, that is all no need for movies download anymore.

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