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Ooh, are you bored? or do you want to be entertained? Look no further, there are lots of free movies online for you daily and all-round entertainment. So whenever you are bored, you can get free movies online that can keep you occupied and entertained until you forget your boredom without the need to leave the house or spend money. 

Free Movies Online
Free Movies Online

Free movies online

As humans, we look for ways to be entertained! One of the ways to entertain ourselves is by watching movies One of the best places to watch movies with your friends or family used to be in the cinema. But many a time the cinema house is always filled up. Other times it may be inconvenient for you and the family or friends. Then arises the question, is there any other place outside the cinema to watch movies? 

The answer is yes, there are many free movies online that you can stream and watch without going to the cinema. This means that the cinema has been brought to your home. 

We have a lot of classic old and new movies online that are free. All you need is internet connectivity and your data. 

Free movies online sites

There are many websites and apps that you can use to watch free movies online without paying a dime. So this article is here to help save your time and the stress of surfing the internet, search for websites or apps where you can watch free movies online. some of these platforms provide free movies online to stream. Below are some websites and apps where you can watch movies online: 

1. F2movies – Websites with free movies online

You can visit “” for interesting and lovely free movies online. All you need to do is to create an account with f2movies. 

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free movie streaming platform when you can stream many great and interesting movies. To visit popcornflix type “” and enjoy. 

3. Youtube

Youtube is a free streaming service where you can watch movies, short video clips, and music videos. You can also upload your personal video if you have a youtube account. to watch movies on youtube type on your browser. 

4. Imdbtv

This is a free streaming platform that you can use to stream free movies and music videos. To visit Imdbtv just type “”

5. Roku channel

Roku is a free movie streaming service, where you will be entertained with free movies. To visit Roku channel type “”. 

6. Vimeo

It is a place where you watch short video clips and music videos like youtube and you can also upload your own video and share. To watch Vimeo just type “” in your browser. 

7. Tubi TV

Tubi Tv is one of the best streaming sites in the world because it is not limited to The US, Canada, Uk, and Australia. But anywhere in the world, you can watch Tubi tv. Tubi tv has both a website and mobile app (you could download the App on your phone) to watch free movies on your phone and devices.

When you are on a tubi tv app, you need to have a tubiTv account to watch movies and if you don’t have one then create one. Therefore, to watch interesting movies especially if you have an interest in Christian movies, I recommend you visit  “”. Note that the tubi tv account does not require money or any form of payment. 

8. Pluto Tv

Pluto tv is a free movie streaming platform that is available in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.  Its service is free, you can watch great and interesting movies on pluto tv, to watch movies from pluto tv type “ ” especially,  if you are in the above-listed countries. 

9. Sony Crackle

Crackle is an online streaming service where you can watch free movies online but its viewership is only available to the US and if you are not in the US or Canada you can’t watch your favorite movies on sony crackle. But those in the USA or Canada you can visit sony crackle with the domain name “”.

10. Retrovision Tv

It is a place to watch old and classic movies of the 1800s and 1900s. The name is the old collections name retrovision tv. If you are a fan of the old and classical movies then visit “”

11. Kanopy tv

This is also another great place to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and documentaries. But you need to register with your student ID card for it to offer free service for you. If you are a student I think the best place to visit is for your entertainment and documentaries needs.

12. Hoopla

It is a great place to stream your favorite documentaries, audiobooks, movies, and educational materials. Hoopla is a very interesting site to visit. All you need to access hoopla is to have a hoopla account and a proper student ID Card to access the hoopla online library. Hoopla has great history and documentaries. If you have much interest in history and documentary movies I recommend you visit “”. 

13. Vumoo

It is a streaming platform

14. Watch-free

It is a great free movie streaming site where you can watch free movies. If you looking for interesting movies, action movies, comedy movies, and lots more visit

15. Cmovies

This is a thrilling streaming site for great and wonderful movies for your relaxation. Visit to streaming great and lovely movies 

16. Swefilmer

Swefilme is an online streaming service where you can watch fantastic movies. So to watch movies visit “”

17. Lookmovie

At look movie, you can watch great and interesting both old and new movies. So for entertainment today on lookmovie visit “”

18. Yomovies

At Yomovies you can stream free movies without registering with them. All you have to do is to visit “”

19. Watch2movies

Watch2movies provides you with all your favorite old and new movies “”

20. flixTor

You can watch exciting free movies on flixtor. So visit “” 

21 Moonline

At moonline you can watch free movies by streaming online you don’t need to download it. So tO watch free movies visit “moonline.we”  

List of free movies

There are a lot of classic old and new free movies online that you can watch for free. Though most of them are old movies and some block bolsters and some normal movies.  Above all, it will keep you entertained and thrilled. Below are some of the free movies online that you can stream: 

List of free movies online

site/appFree movies onlineTV shows 
Cmovies Bad Boys for Life, Fantasy Island, IP Man 4: fin Murder Rx, Proxima, The Perished, We Take the Low Road, The Interpreter, Bloodshot, The Wind Walker, Sonic the hedgehog, the Birds of prey, Brahms: boy II, Sea Fever, The Roads Not Taken, Love Wedding Repeated, Easter Holocaust, Black Garden, Axcellerator, You’re Bacone me Crazy, Imaginary Order, The Lost Husband, The Call of The Wild, The Hunt, etc.  Supergirl-S5, The Pioneer Woman-S25, Fire Master- S2, Gray’s Anatomy-S16,Walking Dead-S10, Money Heist- S4,Law & Order: Special Victims Unit- S21, 9-1-1-S3,
SwefilmerThe Bad Boys For Life,  The Hunt, Bloodshot, Birds of Prey,  1917, Star Wars, The Gentlemen, Parasite, Joker, Avengers Endgame, Togo,  Ford vs Ferrari, Marriage Story, Klaus, Knives Out, The Way Back, A Christmas Carol, Mine 9,  The King, 438 Days, The invisible, Doctor Sleep, Downton Abbey, Spider-Man Far From Home, Dark Waters, The two Popes, The Peanut Butter Falcon, The Farewell, Toy Story 4,  Little WomenChernobyl, Rick and Morty, Peaky Blinder, The Mandalorian,The Witcher, Mr Robot, Watchmen, Power, Vikings, His Dark Materials, Batwoman,
My Spy, Bloodshot,  Like a Boss, The Turning, Brahms: The Boy II, Fire Will Come, Tigertail, The Main Event, Love. Wedding. Repeat, Easter Holocaust, Lamp Life,  Coffee Kart, I Still Believe, Onward, 
OutlandEr-S5, Homeland-S8, The Dead File-S14, The Ancient Alien-S15, Live PD- S4, Shark Tank-S11, Strike Back-S8, MacGyver-S4, Blacklist-S7, Charmed-S2, Star War S7, Sydney to The Max-S2, Better Things-S4, 
lookMoviesThe Lost Husband, Tigertail, Easter Holocaust, The Temptation of Christ, The Black Hearted Killer, The Mountain Minor, Sea Fever, Love.Wedding. Repeat, You’re Bacon Me Crazy, Climax, Moonlight, The Bundy,  Born King, The Main Event, Joker, Spie in Disguise, Frozen II, 1917, Just Mercy, Seal Team-S3, 90 Days Fiance-S4, BulletProof-S2,  Real Time With Bill Maher-S18, Harley Quinn-S2, MacGyver-S4, Making TheCut-S1,  Swamp People-S11, Bloom-S2, Friday Night Dinner-S6 
Yomovies Lazy Susan, Sea Fever, The Scheme, almost Love, See, Batwomen, Bard of Blood, Never Kiss Your Best Friend, The Witcher,  false Color   
xMovies Venom, Frozen II,  hustlers, onward, The invisible Man, Sonic The Hedgehog, Siren-S1,2,  The Tiger King-S1, Grey’s Anatomy-S16, Homeland-S8, 
tubi tv New World Order, The Protected Wife, Mani, Maid, extraordinary Mission, Sunrise in Heaven, Virus, Meek’s Cutoff m Cold Squad, The Kill Hole, Paranormal,  Suspiria, Blue My Mind, Green Wing, Born to Race, Fist of Fury, Call The King, Little Lizard, The Pilgrim’s Process, Prayer Never Fail, the Hiding Place, God’s Purpose, Overcome, The Storyteller Tribulation, A Mother’s Prayer,  Nothing Without God, Forty Night, Billy Graham, New Hope, Hav Faith, Just A Measure of Faith, The Last Fight Out, The Climb, letters to God
List of free movies online


The list here is just to mention a few movies you are expected to see when you visit. The movies are so many that this article can’t name it all and if the article did not mention the movies you wanted don’t be offended just check the site or app. There you are guaranteed to find your choice and interest there. Thank you.   

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