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Some of you already know the recent activities of WhatsApp. Which is banning of the users of WhatsApp mod especially the WhatsApp GB users. This is due to the fact that it’s against the WhatsApp rules. And that is why they ban some users on the platform. But WhatsApp GB has realized a new GB update and they are saying it has anti-ban capabilities in case you have been banned. So on this post, I will show u everything you need to know about this GB WhatsApp 2019 download with anti-ban.

Warning if you choose to continue

Again like I warned on my last post about GB WhatsApp. Using any form of WhatsApp mod is against WhatsApp terms of use, hence the fact that they are banning users doing so. However, none of the bans has been permanent. So far the once I have seen has only been for a few minutes and a few hours. But if you still wish to continue on this post I won’t blame you. Because me I don’t even use the original WhatsApp I have been using the WhatsApp GB for quite a long time and I have not been blocked till now. and I have downloaded the latest anti-ban GB WhatsApp update. Of which I don’t think I will be banned anytime soon. It was my choice to use it and I am putting this up if it is your choice to continue using GB WhatsApp despite the threat of eminent banning then you are free to continue on this post.

Gbwhatsapp Anti-ban Update

This GB WhatsApp anti-ban update has been around for some time now. About 2 weeks I think and has been making rounds on the internet. Because of the simple fact that it is claimed to have anti-ban capabilities. If you have been banned before by WhatsApp using the previous GB WhatsApp updates. However, I have the app installed and using it but I can’t testify to the fact because I have never been banned since I’ve been using GB. However, I think there might be some truth to this so there is no harm in trying. If you like to try this anti-ban update because you have been banned before or not then continue reading this post to when I show you how to download it.

GB WhatsApp 2019 download version 7.0

Now the latest GB WhatsApp application which features the anti-ban capabilities is version 7.0. Which is now available on the GB site for you to download. Like ever, the process of downloading the application from the platform is a bit tricky for various reasons. Reasons being that the website is not in English and secondly you won’t know which type of application to download from when it gets to the download. However, I will clarify that today. Follow the below process to download the latest GB Whatsapp update.

  • Visit the GB Whatsapp download page and scroll down.
  • Now tap on the second Blue download button.
  • When the next page is opened, tap on Download (armeabi-v7a)
  • On the next page tap on the green Download button.

GB WhatsApp 2019 new version download

The above file that you have just downloaded is the new latest version of the GB whatsapp 2019. Which is the one that also has the anti-ban feature. I will say again though I’m using the app presently I have not been banned before so I don’t know if it works. My WhatsApp account was still running free of the ban before I installed this update which is the GB 7.0. so do try it out yourself if you have a ban and see if it works for you and then let me know on the comment thanks. also, check my other post on GB WhatsApp 2019.


Even though the risk of banning is imminent it is still good to give this a try if that is what you want. and also remember you are going against the terms and condition that is why WhatsApp keeps banning GB users. However, if you choose to do that like you have been doing before it is totally up to you. it is your choice and nobody can criticize you for that. I’ve been using the GB WhatsApp and can’t remember the last time I used the original WhatsApp and it is been so great. till when WhatsApp decides to give me the features I need on the platform I will continue using the GB WhatsApp. I don’t know about you.

am loyal smart and humble.