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If you haven’t used GetJar in the past or present then you don’t download apps and games. In fact, GetJar is one of the best independent websites to download thousands of apps and games alike for all mobile platforms. This site GetJar was launched in 2004 and became very popular during that time of the Symbian era and even more popular now that we have Andriod. It is a fact that this site has one of the best one of the biggest and largest collections of apps and games worldwide. That brings us to this post as today we are going to see how to access and download the apps and games on this site.



As I have mentioned above this website has to do with anything mobile apps and games download. So if that sounds like what you are interested in then you might want read through this post carefully to know how to do that. Once you have accessed the website you will have access to the thousands of apps and games that will keep you engaged quickly. One amazing feature of this site is that it contains a search feature where you can easily search and download any mobile app easily. However this site does not contain ios apps, but you can find other apps from other mobile platforms there.

Features of GetJar

One of the things that makes this website so much easy to use and fun is the fact that it has lots of features. All these features are there for you to daily find what you are looking for without stress. Even looking at the site you will find that it is very simple and easy to use just like that. Some of the features of this platform are listed below.

  • They have one of the widest collections of anything mobile apps and games.
  • A vast range of apps to choose from.
  • You can search for applications with various methods, like Search for applications by Platform, or by phone manufacturer even by categories.
  • The app also contains user ratings for apps and games to know exactly what you are downloading.
  • You can also see the most download and top apps and games.

These are some features of the GetJar website. Next, let us see how to download GetJar games and apps.

Download Apps on GetJar

Downloading apps from the GetJar is easily done if you know how to do so. However, I must inform you that it is impossible to download any app or game from this website using a pc. They can only be downloaded via your mobile device. Lets us see the steps to download apps below.

  • On your mobile device open any browser you want, and head to
  • Noe youse any method to search for the app you want and tap on it.
  • On the next page tap, the download button and you are done.

Once the app is downloaded like usual then install and start using them. There are lots of interesting apps on this plarom that you can’t find anywhere else.

Download Games

To download any game you like from this website follow the below procedure carefully to do that.

  • Again visit the GetJar platform from your mobile device.
  • Now find the game you want to download.
  • Tap on it and on the next page scroll down and then tap on the download button.

How to use the GetJar Quick Download Function.

Maybe you have opened the site on your computer and then discovered that you cant download from the site using your computer. There is something you can still do that is to get the code of the app you want to download and input in the GetJar site to automatically download the app. Let us see how to do that below.

  • Access the GetJar platform from your pc.
  • Tap on any app of the game you want to download.
  • On the next page tap on download info and then copy the download number in step 3.
  • Now open GetJar on your mobile phone, scroll down and tap on quick download.
  • Finally, paste the download number you copied and then the download will start.

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