Gmail App – How to Use

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Do you know that Gmail has an app? you might own an Android phone or an iOS device and you still do not know that there is an app for Gmail on these platforms. However today you going to know if you do not know before. on this post Gmail app. I will talk about the Gmail app, its uses or importance, how to download or how to get it and other things on this post. so if I were you I would stay put and not go anywhere. therefore if you would like to know about this app this post is for you.

Gmail App

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a combination of two words, which is Google and email. In one called Gmail which means Google mail. we know that Google which is one of the biggest company in the world as of now is also the owner of the Android platform which has been doing great things. and coming out with cutting edge devices yearly. Google was also made popular by its search engine which is the Google search engine. the Google search engine was the first engine we knew and love and we have been using right from time. I personally would not use another search engine because I’m so used to the Google search engine that I find it difficult to use other search engines.

Gmail which is the emailing service of the company, is the largest email service presently and also at the number one spot. Gmail is also a free mail service which was launched in 2004. At launch, Gmail had an initial storage capacity of 1gb per user, but Gmail has grown a lot now Gmail has a storage capacity of 15gb the user and there’s also the option to extend the capacity by paying an amount. users can receive emails attached with various kind of files. There is no hiding the fact that the Gmail service is packed with lots of fun and wonderful features.

Gmail App

To enjoy Gmail to the fullest you have to get the app. the app makes using Gmail fun and amazing. with this app, you wouldn’t be needing to always log into your Gmail account in order to check your emails. Once the app is installed on your device and you are logged in the Gmail on the app, you’ll begin to get notifications about your Gmail account. I encourage you to get the Gmail app. which also lets you stay connected anywhere you go. we would look at Gmail features next.

Features of the Gmail App

Below are some of the new and recent features that have been added to the Gmail platform for our own good.

  • The option to schedule your emails to be sent tomorrow, next tomorrow or anytime you want to send them.
  • You can drag email conversations within tabs to re-categorize them without having to go through settings and other tedious processes
  • The Gmail also features an AI that helps you in composing the best email there is
  • There is also an option to receive money or send money when you click on the dollar sign at the bottom of the compose mail
  • The use of the new confidential mode which has the option to set an expiry date for emails you sent. and can also delete sent emails from receivers inbox and so much more

Gmail App Download

If you are a user of android and ios, you would probably already have the Gmail app already installed on your device. However, if you do not have it, you can see how to download it below. also on the iOS platform.

  • Open the app store on your device, for both Android and iOS
  • On the Search bar type and search Gmail
  • Now tap on Install on Android and Get on IOS
  • Tap on Accept on Android

Once that is done, the app will start downloading on your device. After the download, you can now do the process of signing up and logging in.

Gmail Sign up

Steps involved in creating a Gmail account are easy to follow. they are just three steps and you’re done. they are listed below.

  • Follow this link to the Gmail account creation page
  • Now feel in your details according to the on-screen prompting
  • After creating your account will be automatically signed in.

How to sign in to the Gmail app

To sign into the Gmail app follow the steps below.

  • Open the Gmail app
  • Type your username and tap on Next
  • Type your password and tap on Sign in


Like we all know that an app makes everything better. The importance of apps cannot be overemphasized let alone the Gmail app. Now you’ve seen how to download and get access to the Gmail platform using the Gmail app. And I know that you will continue using the Gmail app from today to make your email experience better. also, the fact that the Gmail platform is packed with lots of features, you might want to consider switching.

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