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If using the Gmail app, and you want to know how to use Gmail app select all function, then this post is your post. Because on this post, Gmail app selects all, we will talk about everything you need to know on how to select the select all function on your Gmail app. the select all is very easy to use. So, therefore, sit back and relax and do not go anywhere as we unveil the mystery about selecting all emails on Gmail. We will also talk about how to create a Gmail account how to download the Gmail app among others on this post.

The Gmail app

Gmail which is unarguably the number one emailing service present today. is at the top of the game concerning anything email. Gmail also is also known as Google mail and is developed by Google international. Who are also the makers of Android devices and the famous Google search engine which we all know of. now the Google company is among one of the big five companies exist on Earth. and the Gmail app which is an app that is created for the sole purpose of making your Gmail experience wonderful. Is available on both Android devices and iOS devices. Instead of you having to log in regularly using Gmail web. One can just have the app and never bother to log in again. The app contains special functions including the Gmail select feature or function.

Gmail  mark all

What do you do if you have many emails, many unread emails, and many junk mail want to get rid of? and you cannot get rid of them one after the other. that is where the Gmail select all come in. the Gmail select all function enables you to select and determined actions that will happen to the emails you selected on your Gmail account. after selecting you can decide to, archive, to delete, to mark as read and finally tapping on the three vertical dots which is the more option. to get more functions to do with the emails you have marked. However, I must disappoint you the Gmail automatic select all is not yet available for the Gmail app.

If you’re going to be marking all using the Gmail app you would have to do it manually. That is, tapping on the emails one after the other to Mark them and determine what action to do with them. However, the select all function is present on the Gmail web version. which we are also going to talk about on this post. So if I were you I won’t be totally disappointed. Because I can still mark all manually on the Gmail app or select all automatically using the Gmail web version.

How to use Gmail app select all

The process of using the Gmail app select all a little bit tricky. Because it is a manual select all process on the Gmail app. However, I’m going to try to explain it to them for you to understand. Since the automatic selcet all is not yet available for the Gmail app. Follow the steps below to know how to mark all using the Gmail app.

  • Open the Gmail app on your device
  • Now to manually mark all the emails you want to carry out an action on. Tap on the circular alphabet by the left side of every of the email you want to mark.

After tapping them, all the emails would be marked. Now you can determine what happens to them using the actions that are at the top right section of the Gmail app screen. To archive, tap on the box with the down arrow, to delete tap on the delete icon and etc.

Gmail select all using the web version

To select all in a page on the Gmail web version follow the process below. Like I said earlier using the web version you can automatically mark or select all.

  • Open your web browser.
  • Now open and log in your Gmail account.
  • Tick the box that is at the top of the page, to select all emails in that page.

And that you can determine what happened to the emails you have selected. However there is another feature called the Gmail select everything.

Gmail select everything

The Gmail select everything is used to select all the emails automatically on your Gmail account. Using this feature means you can delete all emails with a single click from your Gmail account automatically. The difference between this and Gmail select all future is that the select all feature select only the email on that particular page. While the select everything select all the emails on your Gmail account. The below steps explains how to select everything.

Once you have done that all the emails in your inbox will be automatically selected and you can determine what to do with them.

  • After logging into your Gmail now select the inbox tab you want to clear out which are primary, social or promotions.
  • Now click the small empty box at the upper left corner above the compose email function.


The Gmail app or Gmail web is a vast and feature-rich platform. in most cases that always brings a necessity in order to successfully locate and use these features. However, I am a little bit disappointed that the Gmail app select all automatically function is not available. but only on the web version, and that means if you want to delete hundreds of email you’d have to use the web version for that. as you can only delete a handful of emails using Gmail app. But all in all, it is still good as we patiently wait for the feature to be added to the Gmail app.

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