Google Cloud Next is the Most Amazing High Tech Summit Ever

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The Google cloud next a place for nerds and tech gurus. So if you’re not one or you’re not interested in technology, or you are not a freak of technology then this post might not be for you. As today we are going to talk about all concerning the Google cloud next platform. We will talk about things like Google cloud, what’s the Google cloud next is and so much more on this news today. so if that sounds like what you are interested in then sit back and relax as we go on the journey. And as usual, you know our journey is always interesting and breathtaking. But first.

Google Cloud Next

The Google cloud next is an annual convention or a meeting place held by Google for anyone who is interested in cloud storage. Be you a teacher, a nerd, a tech guru, a CEO of a company or even just an ordinary staff or work you can meet and share your ideas about cloud storage. How to better update it and how to take it to the next level hence the name Google cloud next.  This conference is for 3 days to bring together the brightest minds across all countries. And around the world great thinkers to bring ideas about next-generation cloud. 

This convention or conference is held on a yearly basis. And with more people in attendance year-after-year. There was a total of about 10000 in attendance during Google next of last year. The one of this year was held on April 2019 show more attendance than previously. It is safe to say that the convention of this year was more successful than the previous years. Every year more innovative, tinker inventors are looking forward to being a part.

In other words, you can call the summit a convention of nerds. An suffice to note that any individual who wants to attend or be a part of this summit, must first register and pay the registration fee as the summit is not free. So if you excited and just want to be a part of this convention then you should know that you have to have some money order to register. Now, let’s forge ahead and talk more about this post.

Google Cloud Platform

Before we continue our chirping about the Google next summit, let’s see what the Google cloud is which is what the summit is about. Google cloud, like the name, suggests is a suite of cloud computing service run by Google, that produces cloud storage, machine learning data analysis for end-users. To specifically sign up for or register on users must provide bank details or a credit card to do so. The cloud storage has become the base for which an individual can run tore and manager their apps. 

So, the cloud storage platform is a set of cloud computing services that makes up or provide the cloud storage environment. This is what Google is looking to improve hence, the Google cloud next summit that holds yearly. 

Google Cloud Next 2018

Like I have mentioned above I said that this platform or this summit is yearly. This is the convention of innovative people for the betterment of cloud storage. And as usual the summit of last year saw over 10000 people in attendance from all over the world. And most especially the summit of last year was very successful. There were big and important innovative announcements made. Lots of positive vibes and good customer reviews were also obtained during the Google cloud next 2018.

The Google cloud next 2018 took place in the Moscone center in SAN FRANCISCO on July 24th to 27. which saw a lot of attendance and a lot of innovators. I will say it again the next summit of 2018 was very successful. And it only gets bigger and bigger as the years go by. At the Google cloud next 2018, Google presented a better build for its cloud storage for users to run their apps, to build them and more relating to that. Also the integrating of the cloud with Github, for easy CI processing and more. If you missed that you really missed a lot.

Google cloud next 2019

2019 saw another turn of events successfully for the Google cloud next summit. The Google cloud next 2019 summit was also held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco California in the United States. You NEXT of 2019 was a big blast. As there were very many major announcements that took place. If you also missed this then we’ve missed a lot again. Next 2019 was very huge, as everyone was jam-packed with lots of activities and equipment. There were boots dedicated to cloud storage and banners of different companies everywhere. 

Lots and lots of activities took place and major announcements were made. But the biggest announcement of 2019 was the Anthos, which means floor in Greek. What it does is that it allows companies to upgrade their old service to the cloud storage to keep safe to operate and work smoothly from there. Which gives the company access to run and manage their own cloud platform inside of Google’s own. Google also announced its AI platform and machine learning. All this and other big announcements were made which cannot talk about on this post. If you have missed this also you should be sure to get the next one. 

Google Cloud Next London 2019

There’s always a second chance and a second try for anybody who wants to do something. The Google cloud next 2019 is coming with the second chance for those that couldn’t make the previous one in San Francisco. If you were among those that couldn’t make it to San Francisco in July then you have another chance to make it to London for another Next summit. The Google cloud next London 2019 will be like a continuation of the one done in San Francisco. So you should start making preparations in order not to miss it if you are a fan of cloud storage.

However, there has not been any officially confirmed date yet, for this summit. No actually scratch that, the date for the Google cloud next London 2019 has been specified and it is going to take place on November 19 to 21 London UK. The sponsor for this Next summit is Striim, which is actually one of the companies making use of the Summit. And are very happy to be hosting or sponsoring this event live. So here is your chance to be a part of this extraordinary summit if you have not before.

Google Cloud Next 2020

While there is a saying that says do not count your eggs before they are hatched. This is actually in contradiction to that, as it is necessary to do so to make the required preparations. And that is why I have decided to talk about the Next 2020. The Dates for this summit has already been scheduled, even before we get to the year 2020. And I know that the one of 2020 is going to be one of the best ever Google next summit. 

The dates for the Next 2020 summit is scheduled for April 6 to 8, at the same venue Moscone center San Francisco. This date has been given so that everyone that wants to be a participant can make adequate preparation. Therefore if you are among the category that has been missing out then you should try as much as possible not to miss this. If you know you are a fan, a tech nerd or iT personnel interested in Google cloud. 


As we await the next google summit in London and next year its good to make adequate preparations. This summit has been a place for tech freaks and others to feel belong and to share their though. Make sure you don’t miss out this time around as this one will be the hottest.

am loyal smart and humble.