Google Doodle Games – What Is Google Doodle Games | How To Play Google Doodle Games

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Google doodle games are very popular. A lot of us around the world are forced to stay at home, and we are looking for ways to fill the time and cure boredom. Playing games is an amazing way to fill time, and Google doodle games is one way of curing yourself of boredom. Google is a little laid back with its logo after you would hardly see a company that fiddles with its own logo and breaks it apart on special days.

Google Doodle Games
Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Games

With this Google, doodles have become a part of online culture. Every Google doodle game pays homage to key events, people, and even fictional characters. This is amazing because it reminds of special days, people who have made an impact, and make us learn about the world. Google has done a great job in making us remind the people and events that made the world we live in today. 

What is Google Doodle Games

If you love Google games then you should thank co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin and honored the burning man event in Nevada. Other Google doodles have been designed by other people and a team of people called doodlers. The team has created thousands of doodles for Google homepages around the world. Doodles are released for anniversary, birthdays and dates of events that are noteworthy in history. And this is how your favorite doodle game about and has been so enjoy playing your favorite doodle games.

Games You Can Play on Google Doodle

Here is a list of amazing games you can play with Google doodle to fill time and have fun. Play these amazing games and find the one you would love to play.

  • Rubik’s cube. This Google doodle game is a grateful not to Hungarian inventor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik who launched it on May 19th, 1974. It celebrated its anniversary on the Google homepage.
  • PAC-MAN. This was the first Google doodle game and it was a demo of what the browser can do. The maze is shaped like the Google logo and you can enable a two-player co-op mode.
  • Doctor who 50th anniversary. It a petition from Doctor Who fans to bring about this doodle game. You can choose one from the eleven-time Lord identities and battle your way through the levels.
  • 100 years of crosswords. This doodle game came out on the 100th anniversary, and it was a tribute to Arthur Wynne, the inventor of the crossword puzzle.
  • The Pony express. The Pony express existed as a mail delivery service for eighteen months and was a financial loss. But it captures people’s imagination like Google has done today. Climb a pony, collect letters, and avoid the obstacles to deliver them.
  • Halloween 2018. This game was the first-ever multiple player interactive game doodle. You can join a team of four ghosts and compete against another four-member team.
  • Basketball. This game gives you twenty-four seconds to get as many hoops in. Shoot basketball with the spacebar. Google basketball was just one of the games released for the Olympics.

These are just some amazing Google Doodle games you can play and have fun with. Play doodle game to chase boredom as our leaders chase a solution for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can You Play Old Games on Google Doodles

Do you miss done old google doodle games and would like to play. Then you are in luck Google is bringing back the classics. Those games you miss and want simply check Google doodles to see here are some old classic doodle games you can find and if you remember the name of one of your favorite Google doodle games you can find it in the doodle archive.

  • Loteria.
  • Quickdraw.
  • Gnome toss.
  • Rubik’s tube.
  • Coding for carrots.

How To Play Google Doodle Games

To play both new and old google doodle games you will go to on a desktop browser and click on the Google logo. The doodles are circulated daily over the weeks so keep checking to see what on deck for the day. Do not worry if you miss one all the doodles including returning ones can found and replayed by also clicking on the Google logo. Scrolling through the list at the top of the search result while they are releases. Any remaining will be shown as coming soon.


The fact remains that games are a must-play during this lockdown period. Making the google doodle game one of such games you should play.

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