Google Pixel 3a Review – Google Pixel 3a price and specs

Have you ever heard of Google Pixel devices, you kidding right because I know you do. Everyone knows that Google Pixel devices are no joke and they are not to be played with. As they are one of the best devices to ever be manufactured on this planet today. As the Google Pixel 3 device that was previously released. Which is one of the best devices to feature great smartphone cameras. Is the more expensive of the pixel 3 range. But the pixel 3a devices are not much different. And that is why this post on Google Pixel 3a Review it’s coming your way today. On this post, we are going to review the spec and price of this device. and give our verdict.

Design and display – Google Pixel 3a Review

Well before we start to talk Google Pixel 3a Review of this deviceS, it is worth knowing that the devices are two. Which are pixel 3a and pixel 3a XL. which means they are a cheaper version of the Google Pixel 3 device. As Google saw the need to come out with cheaper devices with the same breed of cameras as the pixel 3. However, these devices are in the mid-range segment. Which is good for people who cannot get their hands on the original pixel 3 devices because of the price.

The pixel 3a devices feature a plastic OLED display of 5.6 inches and 6.0 inches and a resolution of 2220x1080p and 2160x1080p respectively. Since the 3a is smaller than the much larger 3a Xl. The devices have a front glass and plastic back with a dragon tail glass for protection. The display also makes use of always-on technology to make sure you get your notifications all the time.

Camera – Google Pixel 3a Review

Now here is where things get interesting. as I mentioned before the pixel 3 device had one of the best and award-winning cameras ever present on a smartphone. That is what Google was hoping to bring in a mid-range device. the 3a devices launched with a selfie camera of 8mp wide-angle shooter with an aperture of f2.0 and a single rear camera setup of 12.2 mp. That contains all the goodies and the ingredients that made the original pixel 3 device great. There is the presence of night sight, portraits, HDR+, etc. And with these, I bet you the camera will be as great as the original pixel 3 device.

Under the hood – Google Pixel 3a Review

The inside of this phone is not quite the most powerful ever seen. Being that this device is a mid-range device. There is a Snapdragon 670 processor based on the 10nm process, yes which is not as powerful as the original device. But will get things going on a normal circumstances. the GPU of these devices is an Adreno 614, a 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM in the storage department. There is the presence of a front-facing stereo speaker and also the return of the headphone jack. the devices also feature a rear fingerprint scanner and a USB type-c port for fast charging.

Battery capacity

Like all Pixel devices, the battery is in their strong suit. I think Google needs to start addressing from the pixel device. The 3a comes with a battery capacity of 3000mah while the much larger one which is the 3a XL has a 3700mah as a result of the larger display. Well, this battery is decent enough to get you through a day of mild usage. If you are a heavy user or gamer this battery won’t cut it.


You must all know by now that these devices are in the mid-range segment. that means they should be cheaper than the original device. The price for 3a is about $399 while the 3a Xl goes for about $479. The devices cost 399 pounds and 479 pounds in the United Kingdom. While in India 39,999 rupees and 49,999 rupees respectively. Both phones are available to buy on the Google store and order places.


The verdict is that considering the price point of these devices. You are actually getting value for your money with few compromises in a few places. But overall they have the specs fit for the price range. However, if those cameras prove to be on par with the original device then this device will be worth more than that for a pixel. So yes I think you’re getting the value for your money. But other devices like oneplus 7 pro and xiaomi mi 9, can also be gotten for very much below premium prices for flagship devices and they come with the soc SD855. Well, it all comes down to preference here if you ask me.


As Google saw the need to make pixel devices with the same great camera experience with cheaper price. But with few compromises this device I worth it. I also, see the need to recommend that this device is what every penny attached to it. As you will be getting a great display, decent battery life and most importantly one of the best camera experience ever to be present on any smartphone. So unless you prefer other phones I would encourage you to get this device, as it is what its price point. That’s all for Google Pixel 3a Review.

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