Google Translate Spanish To English Language – Google Translate App

Speaking in one language while the other person receives it in another language is now a reality. With Google Translate, the language barrier has been broken. So that you can talk to your friends and family easily. If you speak Spanish you can now easily translate to English. Because Google Translate Spanish To English Language is as easy as it gets. Today we are going to see how to do that so that you can get translating.

Google Translate Spanish To English Language

Google Translate

Google translate is a free tool as we all know that is developed and managed by Google, whereby text are changed from one language to another. 

This tool has its interface on the web, mobile as well as ios and android platforms. Making it efficient and vastly used. As it can be used in any platform web or mobile, even on Windows 8 devices.

All the interfaces of the google translate tool are easy to access because it has a simple and easy to use setting.

As we speak this translator tool supports over 100 languages which means there is a high probability it will support your language though we are talking about Google Translate Spanish to English language. many languages are been added as we speak so the usability wide.

The translator tool also has more than 500million daily users to tell you the rate at which it’s been used.

Google Translate App

Like I have said early, this tool or platform also has its interface available on the mobile platform. And I mentioned the app is present in Andriod, ios, and even on the fasting going away windows devices, windows 8 to be specific. 

So this means that the Google translate app can be downloaded from their individual stores respectively. Now let’s see how to download it on Andriod and ios devices.

  • Open your app store or play store.
  • Access the search icon and then type in “Google Translate App” and search.
  • When the result is out tap on the Google Translate App.
  • Next tap on Install and Accept on android, while on ios tap on Get and Install.

Automatically the app will download and be installed on your devices. What you have to do now is to start using it that’s if you know how to.

Google Translate Spanish To English Language

Translating with this tool is quite easy to do, all you need is to access the app or the web platform and you are good. However, I am going to be showing you how to do this easily now on this post. We would look at how to translate for the web because it is the same on the mobile platforms.

  • Visit the Google Translate Website.
  • Now select a language you want to communicate in,(in this case Spanish) on the left tab.
  • On the Right tab select the language you want to translate to (in this case English).
  • Then type a word on the left tab and it will be translated live on the right tab.

That’s all you have to do to get Google to Translate Spanish To English Language for you. This is also the same way or method to use with the google translate app on mobile. 


There is also the option to switch to voice so that you can say something in one language while it translates to another language. 

To use this voice translate feature all you have to do is simply tap on the microphone button. And say what you want to say. Then the result will appear in the other tab also in voice format at the other end. Then you can tap on the voice icon on the other tab to play.

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