How do I add featured image to my links on Facebook

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have you been having trouble trying to get Facebook to show an image as your featured image when posting your link to Facebook? Search no further because finally, this is the post that will teach you how to correct that. so if you be having that troubles on that, be rest assured you are not the only one. as millions of bloggers or site owners experience this every time. However, on this post, you’ll be taught what a featured image is, how to solve featured image problems, and other things you need to know in order to successfully add a featured image to your links on Facebook.

How do I add featured image to my links on Facebook
How do I add featured image to my links on Facebook

What is a featured image?

A featured image like the name suggests is an image, that is featured on your website link when trying to post it to Facebook. I.e when posting a link to Facebook the image that appears and shows on your link your links when you post them to Facebook. Or they are images that appear on you posted links Facebook. So many people have this problem of the featured image not showing up, that is why I said you’re not alone. now before we talk about why we encounter this problem let’s first of all talk about why use featured image in the first place.

Why use featured image –How do I add featured image to my links on Facebook

The reasons for using featured image on your post or links on Facebook would be explained for you below.

  • The fact that most people respond directly to posts or links that contain images than just ordinary text without no form of visual effect.
  • It represents and describes what is in your post or your link
  • Posting of links without featured images is not appealing to your visitors and to your audience.
  • And also because your theme calls for it.

Reasons why you encounter a problem while trying to use featured image on Facebook

I must say this before we continue that you having a problem while trying to use featured image on Facebook, has nothing to do with Facebook itself. but everything to do with your site. Now under this heading who would look at the reasons why we encounter or have problems when trying to use featured image on Facebook. They are as follows.

  • First of all when you switch from to if you are switching for the first time you would always encounter this problem of no featured image displayed on your links when posting to Facebook.
  • When your theme is lacking open graph tags. Because Facebook makes use of the open graph tags to detect and use the featured image on your links. Therefore once this is lacking on your theme you would find it difficult to use featured images.
  • Also when you don’t have the proper SEO tools you need for making a post.
  • Finally, if you don’t even know what featured images are and how to use them.

Above are the most common reasons why bloggers or individuals have difficulty trying to use featured images on their links. on the next stop will talk about how to resolve this issue.

How do I add featured image to my links on Facebook

Now after knowing what the problem is, it is time to look for the solution to tackle the problem. Like I mentioned earlier it is as a result of your theme or site not having the open graph. that is what makes it hard for Facebook to detect your featured image or to even use one. Now here are some solutions for you

  • Solution one – Yoast SEO technique

The Yoast SEO plugin has a wide variety or range of use. one of which is the fact that it contains the open graph tags which will enable Facebook or you use a featured image on your links. To use the Yoast SEO plugin, download install and activate. Now during publishing click on the upload image button which is located on the social tab and select any image you want to use as your featured image.

  • Solution two – Using Facebook thumb fixer technique

This Facebook thumb fixer is made only for the purpose of fixing featured images. It’s not like the Yoast SEO plugin that can be used for other things. All you have to do is to download and activate it. and you will never experience any featured image problem again.

How to use featured image

  • Open the editor of the post where you want to display the featured image
  • Now at the right side of the editor screw and locate the featured image module. if it is not viable, tap on Document at the top right side and scroll down
  • And click on Featured Image to select a featured image.

Those are the easy steps to create and use featured images on your link to post on Facebook.


You can’t ignore the fact that using featured images will bring more or give more attention to your links when you post them to Facebook. And that is why this post has come your way today. it is now time to start using it if you have not been using it before. To ensure that your links or post on Facebook get the necessary attention it ought to have been given. So I am here to encourage you to start using featured images for your links today.

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