How To Access Blocked Websites With VPN On Android

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VPNs are made for browsing or staying anonymous. but they can also be used to access blocked websites on the internet platform. therefore, we are will to be talking about How To Access Blocked Websites With VPN On Android, to enable you to enjoy your favorite sites even when your service doesn’t want you to use them or it. this post will teach you how to do that. Also, highlight some of the reasons why service providers don’t want you accessing those sites and the benefits of using a VPN.

This Restriction Is Recent

The stopping of devices from viewing certain websites is a recent development. one which is not welcome by those people like us who always visit some or a particular website for our own gain. which cannot be phantom by the by our service provider. and our reasons are best known to us. so now we are presented with the problem and we need a solution in order to overcome it. and we are found such which goes by the name of VPN.

What’s A VPN? – How To Access Blocked Websites With VPN On Android

Vpn in full is a virtual private network, that lets you create a secure network connection while browsing in a public network. Therefore ensuring your protection and security. They basically hide your online presence thereby protecting you from the dangers that lurk online.

Importance Of Vpn – How To Access Blocked Websites With VPN On Android

The importance of VPN cannot be overemphasized as it cut across various areas. Below are some of the importance of using a VPN.

  • They create a secure connection for you to browse.
  • The protect your privacy when you are online.
  • It makes you anonymous online.
  • Can be used to view blocked website on android like in this case.
  • Protects you from hackers, data sellers, and identity theft.
  • Providing you with a remote secure access to networks.
  • Gives you a workaround to get censored contents.
  • And improving your internet connection.

We will stop there. but this does not begin to cut all the uses of a VPN network but we stop there on this post. to get more uses or no more continue reading this post.

Why does service providers stop some certain websites from being accessed

I think the reasons why some service provider blocks access to certain website from being accessed is basically simple. The fact that they do not want their customers to fall victim of the following.

  • Being hacked.
  • Privacy invasion.
  • Identity theft.
  • Getting viruses and malware etc.

So yes I think these are some of the reasons which are basically security reasons why they do not want us accessing some websites. However, if you are sure that you have been accessing this website before and they are safe to access. And that it does not pose any security risks to you can continue reading this post to know how to do so.

Top VPNs To Access Blocked Websites

Under here we talk about some of the top VPNs to easily and without risk access blocked websites on your Android device.

  • Ipvanish – this is one of the best VPN on Android, and the fastest also. it can get you into a blocked website in seconds without any delay. It has an AES 256bit encryption for your protection. Download the Ipvanish here.
  • Nord VPN – it is a paid VPN. you probably might have heard of Nord VPN before because it is one of the best out there. This Nord VPN features a double VPN security for extra or added protection. they have over a million users. get the Nord VPN here.
  • Express VPN – this is the one of the notoriously popular VPN out there that features 24/7 customer support and AES 256bit encryption for your protection. It offers three secure concurrent connection and also has other top features. Visit here to get the app. They’re giving some months free at this time.

How To Access Blocked Websites With VPN On Android

The following are steps that will enable you access blocked websites with VPN on your android device.

  • Firstly create an account with the VPN you want.
  • Download the app on your Android device and sign in.
  • Now open the app tap on activate or connect or any way they use in activating the secure connection on the VPN.

Just like that, a secure connection is set up for you once the app is connected. And accessing your favorite websites that have been blocked by your service provider or anybody is on point.


VPNs provide a secure way for you to safely cover your tracks, protect yourself, stay anonymous and be confident while surfing the net. However, accessing block website a different thing entirely because those websites are blocked for a reason. Therefore using a VPN is wise for access blocked website for your own protection and also lets you ensure the website.

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