How to add featured photos to your Facebook profile?

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if your question is How to add featured photos to your Facebook profile, then this is your post? The fact that everyone is on social media these days is an interesting fact. and it also goes without saying that there are more questions that need to be answered. concern certain new features that are being added to the Facebook platform regularly. an example is How to add featured photos to your Facebook profile?. If you are asking this question then you should know that you are not the first person to do so. And you certainly will not be the last. That is why this post is coming your way today. this post will teach you how to do that amongst other things.

How to add featured photos to your Facebook profile?
How to add featured photos to your Facebook profile?

What is a Facebook featured image?

The answer is very simple, Facebook featured images are those images which are visible to the public that appears in your timeline on your Facebook profile. that is, these images are the next images that can be seen after your cover and your profile photo. these images are can vary in number depending on the person, this means that only any number featured images can be added to a Facebook profile. Also, the featured images are a great way to tell people about yourself using pictures on your profile.

How to add featured photos to your Facebook profile?

Adding featured images is pretty simple and easy to do. however, we are going to be talking about adding them on both the Facebook app and web version. Follow the steps below to do so.

Adding a featured image using the Facebook app

Now to add a featured image using the Facebook app follow the steps below and exactly as they come to do so.

  • First of all open the Facebook app.
  • Now tap on your profile picture which is at the top left corner of your news feed. By the left of the box that says ‘what’s on your mind.’
  • Scroll down and tap on Add featured image.
  • Now select from where you want the image to be taken from.
  • You should remember that I said you can have any number of featured image. select any of the images you want to add. repeat this step again to add more. or select define images at once and tap on Save.
  • tap on Save again to add them to your featured image.
  • Now to edit or change any of the featured photo tap on Edit featured
  • You can either choose to remove or add more. to remove tap on the x at the top right side of any of the featured photo or.
  • Tap on the Camera roll or wherever you want to add the pictures from.

Adding featured photos Facebook desktop

to add a featured image in Facebook desktop, do the following. to add featured photos in desktop is also easy.

  • Open and log in your Facebook on your computer.
  • Now click on your Profile.
  • Now scroll down, by the left side of the windows click on Add featured image if you have not added one before.
  • All tap on Edit featured to edit the ones you’ve added.

And that is all. So make sure to follow the processes exactly, as they are a little bit complicated to carry out. However, you can revert back to the steps in case of any problem. but the fact is that without a Facebook account we can’t use Facebook featured photos.

Facebook registration

It is a must to have a Facebook account in order to access and use the Facebook platform. For whatever it is you want to use it for. and it’s certainly a must if you are to use the Facebook featured photos. Following steps below to create a Facebook account.

  • Log on to on your mobile or desktop
  • For mobile, click Create new account, while for desktop right away fill in your details
  • Now fill in your details correctly as those at the information that will be displayed on your Facebook profile
  • Verify your number following the on-screen prompt. And you are done


If you are not still on Facebook at this time, then there must be some serious reasons. Because as of now so many people are on the Facebook platform. Hence Facebook is the number one social media platform available. And being the number one means you have to do more put in your best and come up with more features. Like the Facebook featured images. As these images are a great way for people visiting your profile to have a general view of you. You also saw how to add featured photos for both mobile and desktop. and I know this post has given you all you need to add a featured image on Facebook.

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