How To Buy Ripple – How To Buy Ripple Using Coinbase | How To Buy Ripple Without Coinbase

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You definitely looking for How to buy Ripple, that’s why you are here. Buying ripples is easy the problem is that there are many options to choose from. This can be very confusing for new people buying for the first time. They wouldn’t know where to buy from or which option to choose from. But on this post, today I will show you some of the best options to buy Ripple anywhere any day.

How To Buy Ripple
How To Buy Ripple

What is Ripple

Ripple has two faces we have the platform face and the currency face of it. So it is not just a currency its also a platform on its own, unlike bitcoin. This platform is designed to allow for the fast and cheap transaction which is a convenience for yo you. 

The Ripple platform has its own currency which is (XRP) which means whenever you see the XRP know its the currency of ripple. Rippe can be bought or can be created, the website to use in creating it is RippleNet. You can visit the platform and try creating for your self.

Ripple doesn’t make use of a blockchain account but makes use of its own Ripple protocol consensus algorithm (RPCA). With RPCA all transactions are registered and secure on the ripple network.

Anyway, enough of talking about ripple lets now actually see where to buy and how to buy ripple.

How to buy Ripple

Buying ripple is a bit tricky and kinda lengthy but with the necessary guild, you will be able to buy it easily. We are going to look at buying ripples from various sources like Coinbase and others. So follow me closely as I take you through the process.

How to buy ripple using Coinbase

If you are considering ripple to buy then the first place you wanna look is actually coinbase. Because they have high and massive demand and now they have ripple added to their fiat exchanges. Let us see how to buy it bellow.

  • Firstly create am account on coinbase.
  • After setting up your account add a payment method.

After doing that you can not buy ripple with USD. You should note that buying of ripples with credit cared from coinbase is no longer possible. As coinbase has banned all credited transactions nut debit cared are still supported.

How to buy Ripple on Kraken

This Kraken is not the sea monster, it’s an American exchange company that has been around since the start of 2011. Theyare they next best thing on buying ripple. Let’s see how to buy ripples from them below.

  • Like always you must create an account with them.
  • Tap on your account name at the top of the page and select Get Verified.
  • Now tap on Funding at the top of the page.
  • Check the show all assets box select the currency you want to deposit by click on deposit
  • A new page will open now choose a method of payment. Crosscheck your traction
  • Go to the main page and tap on trade.
  • Now depending on which coin you deposit on the corner paired with XBT.
  • Now select New Order to place your buy order.

You should take into consideration the Kraken requirement before depositing. And also there is a different funding limit which also increases the amount of deposit and withdrawal limit.

How to buy ripple without Coinbase

There are lots of other options to get the ripple without making use of coinbase if you don’t like then. I will mention some bellow for us to see. 

Buying on Binance – How to buy ripple stock

Binance is arguably the most popular crypto exchange platform out there. And they are so for good reason, which we are not here to talk about. Let’s just go ahead and see how to buy from Binance. Note that you must first have a bitcoin or Ethereum account before you can ripple from Binance.

  • Sign up a Binance account.
  • Move your mouse over Funds in the navigation bar and click on Deposit.
  • Locate the currency deposit address you want to buy ripple with.
  • Go to the account tab and then click on Send, to send bitcoin or Ethereum from coinbase.
  • Click on Continue and then click on Confirm.
  • Now go the corresponding trading pair either BTC/XRP for bitcoin or  ETH/XRP for Ethereum.
  • Now tap order to place the order and you are done.

Buying on

  • Create an account with them.
  • Then click the Buy/Sell tab and then switch to the default option to ripple.
  • Choose the currency you want to purchase with and then click to buy any of the preselected packages or set your own price.

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