How To Successful Change Facebook Page Name – How to Change Facebook Page Name | How To Change FB Page Name

There is a saying that goes like this, that a good name is better than riches, likewise your facebook name lolz, if you know what I mean. Now if you have created your facebook page and you would want to know how to change it then you are in the right post. Because today we will look at how to change facebook page name easily. And also talk about more things about that on this post today. So that by the end you must have already known what you will need to know about that.

Facebook Page

A facebook page is a necessary page that shows or contains the content of a particular business, brand, hobby and more. It’s a public profile that anyone can see and like, they do not have friends only fans. A page can be about anything and regularly updates its fans with contents relating to the page. Starting a facebook page is easy to do, and it can be done directly from Facebook itself.

Facebook pages are mainly for businesses, and everything relating to it. However, you can also create a page for your hobbies and anything you feel like doing. Facebook does not discriminate concerning the kind of pages you want.

Create Facebook Page

We will see how to create a facebook page now on this post, in the case where you have not created one before. To create a facebook page is not something of rocket science, it is just a thing that requires a few minutes and you will see that now. To know how to create a page follow the below steps exactly.

  1. Firstly you will have to visit the Page creation page.
  2. What you do next is to click or tap on Create a page.
  3. Now choose the kind of business for the pape you want to create.
  4. Fill in in any more required details and then hit Get Started.

Do that correctly and you will have your self a facebook page for your business an more. Then set up your business profile and every other thing that needs setting up.

How to Change Facebook Page Name

I could think of some reasons why anybody might want to change the name of their facebook page. But it is good that you do not need to specify any reason before you can change your facebook name easily. And with this guide, you will be able to do that today not tomorrow. There is nothing like a good name for your facebook page, which can drastically increase the awareness of your page and business.

So if you feel like the name you use needs to be changed then it’s totally up to you. If you would want to change it. Changing it is easy, all you need is your Facebook account an as always you must have a data connection that probably you already do. 

Also, you must be an admin or the creator of the page before you an o so.Once those are ready head over to the procedure below to see how to How to change facebook page name 2019.

How To Change FB Page Name

  1. Head over to facebook and then log in to your account.
  2. Now navigate to where you have your page tap to open it.
  3. Look to the left side of the page and tap on About.
  4. Hit the Edit button that is next to your page’s name.
  5. Type the new name you want to change your page to and tap on Continue.
  6. Go over the name again and then click on Request Change.

After doing so, this will change the name of the page, also keep in mind that changing the page name will not change the username. Moreover, let’s see how to change the username.

How do I change the Username for my Page

If you changed your page name you might want to change the username also. Because changing the name does not change the username. So keep in mind you need to be an admin or the page creator to do that. See the step below.

  1. Click on About again on the left side of the page.
  2. And then tap on Edit which is next to “Page username.”
  3. Type a new username for the page.
  4. Finally, click on Create Username.

Now your new username must be in accordance with the Facebook guidelines for new uses name or else it won’t be changed.

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