How To Do Bill Clinton Music – What Is The Bill Clinton Swag challenge? | How to Create Your Own Bill Clinton Album Meme

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Want to know how to do Bill Clinton music? Well if you been tag by someone or just want to do it for fun then you will find the answers here. We are not always sure what makes a meme go viral but this one kind of hard to ignore. Meme of Bill Clinton are different, you might see the one with him wearing headphones and others with him on both when he is younger or older.

How To Do Bill Clinton Music
How To Do Bill Clinton Music

How to do Bill Clinton Music

This is a music challenge which is to pick your favorite top four albums or songs and add them to the cover art and tag or nominate a few friends to keep the spirit going. Then get to banter about your music selection. Though this is not the first time a politician has gotten a meme treatment like president Obama spoof video of him texting this quite a lot popular. So you bet to get on the fun and edit your own Bill Clinton meme or use someone else and start chatting with friends about your favorite albums and songs.

Bill Clinton Record Challenge

The bill Clinton record challenge is a way for music lovers to show off their favorite albums with the help of one former president. It is quite easy to do. Once you get tap you can swap out four albums for their defining records in a picture of Bill Clinton. Then you tag of nominate four others to do the same and take on the challenge.

How to do Bill Clinton Record Challenge

If you have been tag by a friend or you just want to do it yourself, you don’t need to have any Photoshop skill because tech expert  Thomas Miller got you covered. He created a website called  which makes things a lot easier for you and no editing involved. Here is how to do the bill Clinton Record Challenge.

  • Visit the website and select an album with Bill Clinton photograph.
  • Type the record you will like to replace it with.
  • After doing that making the changes and adding your records. Save the picture and share it with your social media account, in the process nominating or tagging four others to keep the challenge alive.

How to do Bill Clinton Music Challenge on Instagram

This challenge is very popular on Instagram and you do not have to worry about thinking which music you got to add or not as the challenge only takes a few minutes. This challenge is quite like the record challenge but instead of putting records or albums, you get to put songs instead, and here is how to do that.

  • Visit the website and from the already made templates of Bill Clinton select one of your choices.
  • To add the songs, there is a “Click here” option and once you click one you will be prompted to search for a song or album where you can find any song that exists.
  • Once you are done selecting four, an option will appear at the bottom telling to generate swag.
  • Save the picture and upload it to your Instagram story and also tagging four friends to also carry out the challenge. 

As simple as that you can have fun and keep your friends online jovial also as you all talk about the songs and records that have been added to the challenge.

About Bill Clinton Swag

Due to this generator website you do not need to know how to or learn Photoshop to participate in this challenge. When you visit the site you see a vintage photograph with four blank vinyl records and for each, you can search an album or a song. The album or song will pop into place. After you are done selecting four songs or albums, you can save the photo to your customized meme to upload to your social media account.


The generator we site is linked to Twitter Professional Thomas Miller who takes credit as the creator of the now-viral meme. On Twitter, he responds to users if they are having problems with the site that needs a fix. He has been working on this website since 2014 and now he is a part of a music sensation on both Instagram and Twitter.

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