How To Do Reverse Image Search On Your Mobile Phone – Google Reverse Image Search for Mobile

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Google Reverse Image Search for Mobile is a new feature that helps many people easily find similar photos on google. Not many people know about it or know how to use this feature but you will see How To Do Reverse Image Search On Your Mobile Phone.

How To Do Reverse Image Search On Your Mobile Phone

With the Google Reverse Image Search for Mobile, anyone can easily initiate a search and quickly find out visually similar photos. This feature is very helpful when it comes to similar photos or pictures and so we would be looking at it in detail.  

Google Reverse Image Search for Mobile

Google Reverse Image Search is simply put image search. However, the reason for the reverse is that this feature is mainly used to back tract images.

Maybe you want to see the origin of a particular image or you want to check for a similar image. this feature is all that you will need to do so.

This feature is easier done than said and functions more effectively on desktop devices than on mobile devices.

Now if you will continue reading on this post You will see how to perform this kind of search easily with your computer or mobile device.

Uses of Google Reverse Image Search

There are many reasons why anybody would want to use this reverse search feature on google.

The first group of people to use this feature regularly are photographers and journalists because they work more with images. 

They use it to track an image source, for research purposes, to check for copyright, to check for similar images, to check for date and more. All these are the reason that this feature can come in handy. Let’s see How To Do Reverse Image Search On Your Mobile Phone first then on a desktop.

How to do Reverse Image Search on your Mobile Phone

To use this on your android phone there are a number of ways, we would talk about two on this post. This method involves the use of chrome on mobile devices. Now let’s see how to do it below

  1. Open your chrome application.
  2. Now tap on Images.
  3. Enter the image you want to search for and tap Search to search.
  4. Tap any of the images you want. Then tap and hold it and a menu will appear.
  5. Tap on Search Google for This Image from the bottom option on the menu.


  1. Using reverse photos click on Upload Images,
  2. Now choose an image from your own gallery.
  3. Tap on Show Matching Images.

That’s all, once it is done you will see information about that photo you have clicked on and other similar photos.

On Desktop

  1. On your desktop open google search. (can also be done on firefox, chrome and safari)
  2. Now switch to image search tap on the Camera Icon on the right side. 
  3. Then upload your picture to google. You can also paste the photo URL this way.
  4. Finally that on search to see your results.


This feature can come in handy if you work with images a lot. so its best to know how to do it for both android ios and desktop devices.

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