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The Amazon music service is paid but you can download songs from Amazon Prime for free. Amazon music is one of the top streaming music platforms. They offer lots of music in their millions and if you are a fan of will be glad to know that there’s a way on how to download songs from Amazon music for free. So follow me closely on this post as I walk you through how you will do that.

How To Download Songs From Amazon Music For Free
How To Download Songs From Amazon Music For Free

Amazon Prime Music

The Amazon music offers two categories of subscription for its members. We have the Amazon Prime music and the Amazon Music Unlimited. The Amazon Prime Music bundled with prime membership is the one that is free. While the other one which is Amazon Music Unlimited is the Premium service which costs $7.9 per month or $9.99 per month if you are not a prime member.

Using the Amazon Prime Music you will have access to up to 2 million songs for free which is what our post is based on today. While the Amazon unlimited music offers you with up to 50 million music.

How to become an Amazon Prime member 

For you to be able to stream all downloaded music on Amazon for free you must first become an Amazon Prime member. To become an Amazon Prime member is easy all you have to do is to pay a sum of $99 a year which we give you a discount of $7 for unlimited music.

The only problem users have with the Amazon Prime Music is that their favorite songs are not often available. However, you can decide to pay an extra $7.99 to get your favorite music on the Amazon Prime music.

How To Download Songs From Amazon Music For Free

When you subscribe to the Amazon Prime Music you will have access to a 30-day free trial to download up to 22 million music. You can consider you opting-out or canceling once the 30 days trial is over so as to avoid being charged for the subscription. 

The way to download a song or any song from the Amazon music is by using an audio recorder. This is the easiest method to do so, other methods require you to download an Amazon music converter but this is the easiest. So let’s go and see the process on how to do that do now below.

  • Download the Cinch audio recorder and then install it.
  • Now launch the audio recorder tap on Start recording.
  • Now go to the Amazon music and log in your account then search for the music you want to download.
  • For new members sign up, existing members just continue 
  • What you do next is to start playing the music you want to record. You can play them out loud or simply mute them, the recorder will always download the music in high-quality whether muted or not.
  • When you’re done recording tap on Stop recording

Once you have finished recording, the automatic input feature in the recorder application will automatically include the name of the song.

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