How To Download Videos From Youtube For Free – Download Youtube Videos Online

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Can you really download videos from youtube, is it true that I can finally download video from youtube, whenever I wish can it be possible? Yes, you can download any videos of choice from youtube, the question now is “how to download video from youtube for free.” Don’t worry this question will be answered in this article. so follow me closely and make sure you read to the end.

How To Download Videos From Youtube For Free
How To Download Videos From Youtube For Free

Download youtube videos online

Downloading videos from youtube is not a difficult thing to do, you can do that with ease. There are steps required to download videos from youtube. Please note that there is a youtube principle against the downloading of videos from youtube.

Note that some of the youtube video downloader software have hidden malware. Haven’t said that, all you need is to be careful with the software which may have hidden malware and add-on ware which when installed is difficult to remove from your computer.

Downloading videos from youtube is not difficult, all need to do is just to follow the guideline below:

How to download videos from youtube for free

Downloading video from youtube you may need to download third-party software, like 4K downloaders and others. You may not necessarily need to download a third-party app like a 4K video downloader instead you can use the site called Now the steps below are those on how to about downloading a youtube video.

  • You need to download a third-party software or type on browse and hit the enter button. 
  • After downloading the third-party software, you install the software and then you ready to download any video of your choice. Or open You can now open the youtube site and search for the video of your choice 
  • You can right-click the video while the video is playing and a box will appear then select Copy the URL to copy. 
  • When you are done copying the URL then go to the third party software you download and paste the URL. Also, paste the URL if you using 
  • Now choose the quality of the video you prefer (remember the greater the quality the higher the size of the video). 
  •  After you select the quality you wanted then you click Download to download.

The software may ask where do you want to save the video to? This depends on your setting on the software or on your browse.

Using from your browser you do not need to download any third-party software like 4K video downloader. 

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free on macOS

Note that if you are using MAC OS then 4K video downloader will not work on your MAC system. So you need to download the MACX youtube downloader. The process of using the software is similar to the 4K video downloader on the windows system. 

After you download the MACX youtube downloader and installed it then you can follow through step 2 to step 6.

Joining the disjointed youtube video 

There might be a situation with a youtube video where the video is in short parts or in full. That means some of the videos are disjointed and short while some are full video with the whole length. For those that are disjointed, you join it with a software. lets now see how you join a disjoint video. 

After downloading the videos that are disjointed you can use software like “video join” or “merge video.”  After downloading the software, you then upload your video in descending order. If you upload the video in the wrong order the video joiner will join the video like that so you must be sure you check the order first before clicking the Join button. 


Also, note that if you are using an iPhone or iPad you need to convert the video to MP4.  You can do that by using a video converter whether online or downloading the software. 

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