How to Fake Your GPS Location on Browser – How Do I Fake a GPS Location on My Computer?

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With little effort, anyone with technical know-how can easily track and pinpoint your exact location if you don’t take steps to cover it. We live in an advance age where people are been, monitored and tracked by unwanted parties and individuals. Technology has advanced to the extent where tracking people is now so easy. In this wise, it is good for you to know How to Fake Your GPS Location on Browser to stay safe. 

How to Fake Your GPS Location on Browser
How to Fake Your GPS Location on Browser

GPS Locating

There are so many reasons why it is good to have your GPS location on. From being able to track you for the right reasons, to making you easily find your phone and other devices. 

Apart from that, some apps like google maps and others do require your GPS location to be correct right before they can work properly. For you to be able to also track certain devices you have, it is still based on GPS locating. However, we are not here to talk about the importance of GPS rather how to fake it. 

Reasons to spoof or fake your GPS

You know there are lots of reasons for anyone to want to spoof their location majority of the reason is for safety purposes. There are other reasons which can be linked to accessing some content originally you cannot access. 

There are many instances where TVs like Netflix do restrict people from accessing the contents from other locations like the US. Or take Facebook as a case where Facebook dating is not yet available in your location and you want it to. So changing your location or faking it will be really helpful in that case. 

There are other reasons like privacy concerns actually, privacy is one of the main concerns to spoofing or faking GPS. A case study is whereby you want to access a platform where you don’t want your location to be known to them. Then spoofing will be great for that purpose. 

The bottom line is that for whatever reason you would want to know How to Fake Your GPS Location on Browser, you will learn how to do so today.

How to Fake Your GPS Location on Browser

To fake your location on your pc or laptop, it must be done through your browser because that’s the way you use in accessing the internet. The locations on the browsers can be turned off or changed to any location of your choice for this purpose. The browser we are going to be using today is the google chrome because that’s the one almost everybody uses.

  1. First things first you will have to open your chrome browser.
  2. And then Select “Settings”
  3. Next is to access the “Privacy and Security” tab
  4. Now tap on “Content Settings”
  5. Tap on “Location”
  6. Finally, select “Ask Before Accessing”

When that is done any time a website or anything wants to access your location from the chrome you would be asked first. However, spoofing of location this way is not as effective and thorough as when you use a VPN. So for a more effective and advance form of location faking you have to use a VPN.

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