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If you have the Vero app installed on your phone and you are wondering how to find and connect with your friends on Vero, then you are in the right place. So search no further, because in a bit we are going to be looking at exactly how to find and connect with friends on Vero but first let’s know more about Vero app.

How to Find and Connect With Friends on Vero
How to Find and Connect With Friends on Vero

While we think that Instagram and Snapchat and facebook are ultimate, then came Vero. Instagram and snap chat has been at the helm of social media for years and seemed unmatchable. Many other social media apps have risen to the challenge but not without been knocked out sooner or later by the strong competition from the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

But one app stands strong which is the Vero app also known as true social. this app has gone toe to toe with the big boys up there for years and it’s still standing strong. At a time Vero became the number one free app on play store and the app store leading the likes of Snapchat Instagram and Facebook. The true social(Vero) came with a different approach to social media. Vero makes it’s possible for you to specify the friends that are very close to you or just acquittance or just as followers and you can share your post to them separately. Vero is also free of ads and their feed lacks the algorithm and post from users are chronological. These are some of the reasons vero is different from other social media apps.

How to Find and Connect With Friends on Vero

You will need to allow Vero access to your contacts list in other for those your contacts that use Vero to be displayed so that you can see and interact with. Here is how to enable Vero access to your contact.

  • Navigate to your phones “Settings.”
  • Select “Vero” you might have to do a little scrolling down.
  • Now turn on/off switch for contacts toggle.
  • Setting this option is only for Vero to access your contact as the company says they do not make use of your contacts. Its also required that you turn on access to your photos also.

Here’s How to Find and Connect With Your Friends on Vero

  • After turning on access to your contacts, open the “Vero app.”
  • click the “Magnifying glass” on the top menu.
  • Now tap on “search” and select “Discover contacts connect with people you know.”
  • Now choose “Discover” which will show you a list of friends you know.
  • Tap on the friends you want to be connected with and hit “connect.”

By doing this, you have just sent those people a Contact Request and it’s only when they accept your request you will be friends with them and now see the posts they share. If you wish you can message them.

How to Find and Connect with Friends on Vero Via Emails, SMS and Other Social Media on Vero

You can invite your friends on other social media. those that are not yet on Vero to join you and also you can also invite them via emails and SMS. Here is how to do that.

  • Open your Vero app on your phone and log in.
  • Enter your dashboard.
  • Now select and tap on” INVITE” which is at the top right corner of the screen.
  • You will see a share card, then you should share via email, SMS, or other available apps.

After that’s done you have just invited your friends to join you and enjoy Vero. but if you decide to save your store card to your camera roll to easily access it later better for you. You can also share a link to your contacts.this link contains a brief description of the Vero app then you can add this link to your posts.

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