How To Join Pinterest Fast – How To Use Pinterest | How To Be Popular On Pinterest

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Pinterest is the way not only for businesses or for people looking for pictures, it is also a way to get popular. Pinterest has over 150 million people and over 500,000 businesses regularly browsing the Pinterest platform. And I can tell you without a doubt that Pinterest is the latest innovation in Social media platforms. So if you looking for how to join Pinterest fast, then you are in the right post.

How To Join Pinterest Fast
How To Join Pinterest Fast

I will not only talk to you on how to join Pinterest fast, I will also show you how to use Pinterest and how to be popular on Pinterest. So you might want to stay to the end of this post, let’s continue.

How to Join Pinterest Fast

Pinterest, as you all know, is a social media platform that focuses on the sharing of pictures. As the name implies you share your pictures in the form of pins that you create on the Pinterest platform.

This is far different from the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Though they also share pictures. Pinterest is mainly for creating of pins with pictures of yourself or of anything even your business. By so doing you can become popular on Pinterest with large nunber of followers.

Not to bore you with any more details as you already know what Pinterest is however let’s see how to join Pinterest fast.

How To Join Pinterest Fast

To access the Pinterest platform you must first become a member this means you have to undergo the Pinterest sign up process.

  • Firstly head to
  • Tap on Continue with email.
  • Now filling your email, and tap Next
  • Continue to follow the on-screen prompts.

When you visit the Pinterest website for the first time when trying to sign up. I will advise you not to sign up using your Facebook account. Because if your Facebook account get compromised will no longer be able to work in your Pinterest. 

Now you have seen how to join Pinterest fast above, let’s talk on how to use a get started with Pinterest next. 

How to use Pinterest

Create your profile

The next thing you do in order for you get started your Pinterest account after creation is to create your profile.  To go your profile Setting to change your profile, tap on the three horizontal dots at the top right part of the screen. Then tap settings and select Edit profile.


The next thing you do is to claim your website this is very important if you have a website. This can help you promote your website easily and also to get pins from your website. To click the Claim button and enter your website URL and tap on confirm website. Lastly you have to enter the confirmation code.

Create boards

The next thing to know is how to create boards on Pinterest. Without these boards, pins cannot be created and added to Pinterest. The boards are were your content, pictures and pins are displayed. To create a board you have to access your profile. Then click on the red plus button. Now the board will be created but you have to add pins which are the images about you and your business to it and leave a link.

To add a pin to any of the boards, tap on the Red Plus button at the top right side of the screen. Now tap create pin. Enter the necessary information select a board to post the pin and tap on Publish.

 How to be popular on Pinterest

There are several ways anybody can become popular on the Pinterest platform. And I’ll be showing you some of the ways to do so on Pinterest. In fact, you can even get up to 500 followers in a week using these ways. 

  • First things first post original images, people on Pinterest usually post images that are already existing this would not make you become popular.
  • Follow others so that they will follow back.
  • Comment and repin pins of others.
  • Add a Pinterest follow button.
  • Run a contest on Pinterest.
  •  Link with your other social media accounts
  • Finally, join collaborative boards to gain more followers.

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