How to make a GIF for Instagram – Make a GIF for Instagram in photoshop

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Have you ever wondered if you can make your own GIFs and then post it on your Instagram story or wherever you want on Instagram? If so then this post will walk you through the exact process on How to make a GIF for Instagram. not only how to put this to the Instagram platform but also how to make your own GIF amongst other things on this post today. You will also know what GIFs are if you do not before.

How to make a GIF for Instagram
How to make a GIF for Instagram

What is a GIF?

Gif in full is graphic interchangeable format which is an image format for files that supports both animated and static image. And it is commonly used for images on the web and in computer programs alike also like the JPEG format. A gif has a file extension of .gif, indicating that the particular file is a GIF image file. Gif images are images that contain several encoded codes and frames on a single image file. Therefore making it look like a very short video.

Why use GIF?

There are several reasons one or anybody on the Instagram platform or any other platform would want to use GIF files. The reasons are a wide variety and cannot all be mentioned on this post however, one of the reasons for using GIFs in the Instagram platform can be to better utilize your marketing strategy. It is good to diversify your current Instagram story from just being of only photos to gifs about your business. This is to make sure your followers do not get bored from your constant sharing of photos you upload on your story. In that case, it would be a welcome addition to make more followers want to engage with your posts. There is also the funny aspect of uploading funny GIF also.

How to make a GIF for Instagram

There are different ways of making gifs image files for whether Instagram or otherwise. On this post, today we will talk about how to make a gif for Instagram using Photoshop. Because it is one of the best Instagram gif maker. All that you have to do is to follow me closely as I walk you through the process of doing so. Know that you will need your Photoshop and a computer for this ready and follow the instructions below.

  • The first step is to open photoshop, now once the application is opened then drag any of the pictures you want to use into the program.
  • Now tap on File at the top of the program and select Script at the bottom and tap on Load Files into Stacks. Then tap on Browse and select the images you want to use. And tap on Ok.
  • At the top part of the screen click on Window and select Timeline from the new window that will be opened. Now click on Create Frame Animation.
  • after that, you click the Menu button that is at the top right part of the screen and then selects Make Frames From Layers.
  • Then click the little arrow that is below each image and select Once, 3 times, and Forever. This will set the animation loops and create the GIF.
  • Tap on File and select Export and tap on Save for web (Legacy) and select GIF 128 Dithered in Preset and also 256 in color. Now choose the width, height appropriate for Instagram from the image section and choose Forever in the loop option to save the file as GIF.

Once that is done you have finally succeeded in creating your gif using photoshop. And can be posted to Instagram anytime you want. The above process Is also the process of how to create gifs for Instagram stories.

how to make my own gif for Instagram

Using the Photoshop editor tool you can also make your own gif. The photoshop tool is a tool to make any kind of gif you would want. So that you can post them directly to the Instagram platform. We would look at how to post them next on this post.

how to upload gif to Instagram story

After creating these gifs for Instagram without knowing how to upload them to your story is not a good thing. However, uploading gifs is easy. And I have highlighted the process below. though the process is a little bit complicated. it’s easy.

  • You first have to convert your gif to video format. Go to your app store and download an app that is a GIF to video converter.
  • Now open the app, load the gif convert them to video and select where you want to save the video.
  • Then go to your Instagram app launch it and share the video to your story and you are done.

Remember the most important thing here is to first convert the gif file to video. However, you can use any kind of conversion app from the play store or app store to do so. This process is also how to post gif on Instagram story android and ios.

Best Gif Maker

The best app or program for making gifs is photoshop that is if you are a professional. The reason has been then you don’t have to get any form or registration to make a gif with it. But when it comes to Instagram, then if you don’t have photoshop you might want to consider using Gihpy. As they are the creators of gifs. Finally, there are other gif creating apps present on the app store to try out.

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Making use of video to gif apps is the most important part of using gifs on this platform. It is hereby necessary to download one. On the other hand, posting gif along side pictures and videos can make you stand out in the Instagram platform and make your story less boring to your followers making them engage more with your posts.

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