How to Make face Mask at Home – How To Make A Homemade Face Mask | Face Mask Homemade

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You can learn how to make face masks at home as an added protection when going outside. Since wearing face mask is what we can use to help in preventing the spread of this pandemic. It important you have one, you are to wear face mask in public, community setting, especially in a situation where you may be close to other people and your city may also require you to wear a face mask when in public.

How to Make face Mask at Home
How to Make face Mask at Home

How to Make Face Mask at Home

Since you are at home you may wonder how you can get supplies. Be rest assured you have everything you need already. You don’t have to use a sewing machine or even have sewing skills. As long as you have a fabric you can use an old T-shirt or any other clothes, a pair of scissors, a ruler or tape measure, a rubber band or hair ties. Here are some methods on how to make facemask at home.

How To Make Face Mask with Hair Ties

If you have a cloth or old T-shirt, scissors, ruler or tape measure, hair ties or two rubber bands and follow this procedure to make facemask with hair tie.

  • Layout your cloth or t-shirt on a flat surface and use the ruler or tape measure to measure seven or eight inches.
  • Cut it out and you will be left with a big rectangle. This will be the material for the face mask. Remove the remaining material.
  • Fold the rectangle cloth from the bottom to the middle and from the top to the middle.
  • Fold again from the top to the middle and from the middle to the bottom, this will be the mask.
  • Loop the rubber band or hair tie about two inches from the end of the fabric from both sides.
  • Fold the right side toward the center and the left side towards the center both sides meeting.
  • Grab the face mask by the rubber or hair tie and place it over your mouth. Secure both sides by placing the hair tie or rubber band over your ears. This will keep the mask in place.

How to Make Face Mask With Built in Strings

To make face mask with built-in strings you will need an old t-shirt or any other fabric, a pair of scissors, and a ruler or tape measure.

  • Layout your cloth or t-shirt on a flat surface and use the ruler or tape measure to measure seven or eight inches and cut.
  •  You will be left with a big rectangle. This will be the material for the face mask, so discard the remaining material.
  • After doing the above measure about six or seven inches from the side of the fabric and cut out the material leaving a half-inch at the bottom and at the top. These will be the strings you would use to tie the mask at the back.
  • Cut the string fabric in half. Wear your face mask and tie the strings around the back of head and neck.

For extra protection, you can simply add an extra one or two later of fabric that is the same size of the mask between your mouth and the mask.

How to Make a Face Mask With a Filter

To learn How to Make face Mask at home with a filter you will need, a cotton fabric like a cotton t-shirt. An elastic material like rubber bands or hair ties. A filter like the coffee filter since it is readily available and a sewing machine or needle and thread and a pair of scissors.

  • Cut your fabric into a two-piece of ten by six-inch rectangle and carefully stack the two together on top of each other.
  • Now old the top of the fabric half an inch down and stitch it across.
  • Fold the bottom of the fabric half an inch up and stitch inward about an inch from each side, creating a pocket you can slip your filter into.
  • Fold the smaller sides of the material and stitch. Do not stitch too close to the end as you will the space to thread your elastic to make ear loops.
  • Thread six inches of elastic into the hems you just made. If you are using strings make them longer as you would have to tie them when wearing the masks.
  • Tie the ends of the elastic carefully tucking the knots into the hems.
  • Put the mask on adjust it to cover your mouth and your nose without it slipping.
  • Having adjusted your mask stitch the elastic in order to keep it in place.
  • Cut your filter material do that it can slip into the pocket of your new mask.


Because of the pandemic period, we are in which warrants us to stay safe, staying at home is one of the best things to do. However, if you must go out it must be for something urgent. That is why you have now seen How to Make face Mask at Home. This will, in turn, make you stay home instead of going shopping for face masks. The good news is the more you stay at home the less likely you are to get infected.

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