How to send encrypted or password protected emails with Gmail

Hey guys and welcome to the post on how to send encrypted or password protected emails with Gmail. Now a quick question, why send encrypted or send passworded email’s? Well, stay tuned on this post to know more. also on the post, we would talk about the benefits of protecting your emails and other things about Any protection on this post today. the fact that security has become a thing of concern is a major reason one will want to protect his or her emails. so if you are taking this post seriously I won’t blame you, because I would take it seriously too.

How to send encrypted or password protected emails with Gmail

Reasons for sending encrypted or password-protected emails

before we go ahead to talk about encryption, Below are some of the reasons why one would want to keep or protect their emails sent using encryptions and which passwords.

  • First of all, it is to keep your privacy safe from internet theft and exposure to privacy invasion. Because emails sent can only be read by you and the person you are sending it to.
  • To prevent you from being hacked by hackers. Of which hacking is now the new big multinational business. To stay safe from being hacked make sure to use encryption on your emails.
  • And also it is demanded by regulation that your emails particular those in healthcare and institutional higher learning, home planning and others should use protection for their own good.
  • Also, it protects your confidential information you won’t want getting late or exposed to anyone. This is another good advantage of passwording or encrypting your email.
  • To save yourself from business risk. Because anyone can just have access to your emails if you did not encrypt or password protect them which can, in turn, hurt your business and expose strategy to competitors.

We are going to be stopping there, for now. However, these are not all reasons why you should use encryption on your emails.

What is encryption?

Encryption simply put as explained by the dictionary is a process involved in converting information or data to become a code. To prevent the accessing of unauthorized users. therefore encryption of emails is a process of converting your emails into codes that will prevent unauthorized access of your emails. and give authorised access for those that have a password to the encrypted emails. As you have seen above there are so many benefits to include it on your email. And that’s why we are talking about How to send encrypted or password protected emails with Gmail.

The Mailvelope

This is an extension that can be added to your chrome or your Firefox browser. That supports sending, creating receiving and encrypting or using password protected emails. With this browser extension, you will not need to stress yourself to send an encrypted or password-protected email. As it is made for doing exactly that. The procedure on how to download it is listed below. Like I said this extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome browsers on PC.

How to download Mailvelope

I have said and I’m going to mention again the Mailvelope app is available for both Firefox and Google Chrome. How to send encrypted or password protected emails with Gmail download for both or anyone wants, do the below process will show you how.

  • For Chrome browser click on this link.
  • Why for Firefox browser follow this link.
  • Now answer the security check questions

After answering all the security questions correctly, the app will be installed on your chrome or firefox browser. and you can start using it from there. Which brings us to How to send encrypted or password protected emails with Gmail

How to send encrypted or password protected emails with Gmail

If we continue without mentioning the fact that Gmail is the largest email service presently it will be wrong for us not to. Because they are. That same fact brings us to this post today because a large number of people use Gmail. Now let’s go straight ahead and talk on how to do that.

  • Once the extension is installed for your chrome or Firefox browsers, login to your Gmail account.
  • Now click on the Lock icon you will see at the top right corner. To review a window
  • When a window is revealed, click on the Add button
  • And click on Generate key.
  • Now fill out your account or email details. And if you like also you can alter some settings to suit your needs. Just simply follow the screen prompts.

After configuring or generating your key using the Mailvelope app. You have to verify your first encrypted email by clicking on it. clicking on the envelope and then inputting the password you used to verify and decrypt the email. Your friends also need to install this app in order to receive and safely decrypt your encrypted emails. So do make sure to tell them so that they can have their own decryption up on their email.


The fact that security risks are a big issue and concern these days. One cannot be too careful as there is no taking any chances when it comes to your privacy. That is why this post has come your way. To show you how to protect your emails from the dangers that lurk online. So that at the end of the day you would be better safe than sorry. so follow this post and read through again whatever step you do not understand as they are self-explanatory.

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