How To Start A Network Marketing Business – Network Marketing | How To Build A Network Marketing Business Quickly

Are you looking for a   job? Then you might want to know how to start a network marketing business. This business is not only good for people; looking for a part-time job but is also a very good way to earn money full time also. And the most important thing is that you don’t need to be grounded in marketing before you can start this kind of business.

So if this sounds like what you might be interested in then its time to stop whatever you are doing and focus on this post. I would be exposing to you the easiest and best ways to start on how to start a network marketing business. So let’s be focused as we go on the journey and I promise you that there are lots of things you will learn from this post.

Network Marketing

For we all know that anything that has to do with a network is something connected to more than one. Likewise the network marketing business, which is a direct person to person or to individual sales job or business that is conducted by an independent sales representative either working from home or anywhere. Where it is required that the sales representative builds a team or a network of people to help with leads generation, closing sales, products and more.

In other words, it is a business by which sales representative builds a network to market products of a company and also a team to help with the processes. There are many companies in America that offer network marketing including Avon, Mary Kay, and others.

How Network marketing works

The way network marketing works is very simple and easy to comprehend. But firstly you should know that there are, many names for network marketing including affiliate marketing, multilevel marketing and more. However, these are, not our concern but its good you know them.

Now the way it works is this, an independent sales representative meets a company that engages in this and then gets all the necessary requirements and begins selling with the company. Now, that sales representative earns a commission, and in other to do well the person can begin to recruit others to help in the sales management and driving more sales. This is where the network comes in as you will recall from the definition above. So when the people under the sales representative in his team make sales he earns a commission also. If any of the team members bring a person under them and that person makes a sale they earn their commission as well as the person at the top which is our sales representatives.

What we are saying here is that anybody the sales representative brings to join his team and help with sales, when that person makes a sale he gets a commission as well as that person. And that continues, if more people come under the person he brought which are called the downlines. So he earns a commission when he makes sales as well as his downlines too. It’s like a pyramid scheme but in this case for marketing. 

Advantages and disadvantages Network marketing business

There are some good pros an cons of this as we would see now on this post. The first being that the person on top will earn more than the rest of the people as the person will begin to get commissions from their downline. Though it is good for him but especially good for those at the bottom. Another disadvantage is that it can be considered as a pyramid scheme which people are always afraid of doing. You will also need some level of marketing skills in other to carry out successful sales and a lot of energy finally the sales representatives also, make money on his or her own sales and also gets a commission from the sales if his downlines.

How to Start A Network Marketing Business

Its time to discuss the main purpose of why I started this post in the first place. Here, you will see the main ways you would use to start your own network marketing business. So without any waste of time lets go ahead and jump in on it.

First Step – Ask A Personal Question Why It?

There are tons of other businesses out there that you can do, but you have to ask yourself why the network marketing business? Are you just into it because others are into it or you just like busing teams and selling or you are want to do it because its a good parttime job? Maybe because you want to make money with it. Once you have answered that question and its enough answer to make you want to go head then continue.

Second Step – Find Your Niche

Finding a good niche of products that you care about and really passionate about will go a long way in driving you to work harder. Also, make you never get tired of it and ensure you are having fun while doing the business. And it will definitely drive more sales. 

Third Step – Find A Whole Sales Supplier

After finding and deciding on the niche you want to follow now, find a very good wholesale supplier for it. You can find your suppliers from the National Association of supplies Naw, to find one for yourself and use. You can also find goo suppliers by attending supplier’s meetings. Ask your friends and go online to find suppliers and more. Just make sure you find the right one for your business.

Forth Way – Under Go Training

I don’t care to know the kind of training but make sure to attend the kinds that will improve your marketing skills. Leadership skills and more. Your company might also offer training for you, make sure to take them and to gain more insights and knowledge to help you to drive more sales and be successful

Fifth Way – Set Your Pricing

Now setting a good price point is one of the hallmarks of a successful business. Now I am not going to give you a specific point. However, it is good you set a point that is acceptable to suppliers’ recommendations, your downlines, customers and more. Also, set your commission amount and more. 

Sixth Way – Construct Your SetUp

You will need business equipment like any other business organization to work effectively. So get payments, networking software and all kinds of software to keep records and help you manage the business and more. Formulate various processes and instructions for your distributors and more. 

Seventh Way – Market your Marketing Business

Yes, you have to do some marketing to be popular on your own. All businesses require a form of marketing to succeed even marketing business. So utilize different ways to make your business known to the public in other for them to patronize you. Make marketing your top priority when starting.

Eighth Way – Set A Target

It is necessary to set a goal in other to keep you working and know if you need to put more effort or less. It is a good thing to know that you are meeting your targets and that you are progressing in what you are doing. If not you would just be running blind. So set you long and short term targets to motivate yourself. 

Ninth Way – Set A Plan

Where the plan comes in is helping you to achieve your goals or target. Setting a target without a plan to achieve it is an error. So once yout target is set your plan should be made also to help you archive your target. Set how many hours you will work a day to help you achieve your target and more. 


Once you have all these things you are ready to start your network marketing business. Now all the ways on this post works when combined and you should make sure to follow it strictly and very importantly give it time. You should not expect to start having very heavy sales at the beginning. But with time and good marketing, it will be so. Therefore don’t give up, plan, set goals and continue.

am loyal smart and humble.