How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace

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The Facebook market place is facebook own market where you can buy and sell a legal product. hence its called facebook market place, because basically an online market. the fact that everything you do in life safety must be involved, that’s the same reason why this post on How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace is coming your way.

Safety should be your top priority these days due to the fact that there is an increasing number of treat both physical and cyber. that’s why  Facebook is taking its consumer’s protection whether buyers or sellers very seriously and have layed down some tips or rules for you to follow that will keep you safe in the marketplace.

Ways to Stay Safe in the Facebook Marketplace

Here on this post How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace is where we are going to be talking about the facebook marketplace safety tips or rules in detailed.

Protect your Privacy – How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace

To protect your information means that you should avoid sharing sensitive information about your financial accounts, these include bank account information, your PayPal log in password and username and other stuff like that with anyone. and if you are selling an electronic device be sure to wipe your info from it before buying or selling it.

Meet in a Safe Location – How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace

When its time to meet up in a transaction you are trying to conclude, please do not meet up with the person in a lonely or secluded place. only meet with the person in a public place like a dinner or anywhere you feel comfortable.

Verify the Item in Person – How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace

Another tip on How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace is to verify whatever you are buying in person after you must have agreed to meet the person in a safe place. and make sure you confirm what you are buying until you are satisfied if not you can simply choose to decline the transaction and walk away.

Use Cash or Person To Person Payment Methods

Buyers and sellers should avoid payment using links or log in directly to payment websites. as this can be dangerous. in any case, payment should be person to person or any option available on the facebook messenger, by physical cash, through PayPal or wired transfer.

Avoid Selling Recalled Items –How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace

Take note of the item you are selling or buying and check well if it’s a recalled item. because in many places these days recalled items are illegal. and you can check the company’s website if you are unsure if the item is a recalled item.

Check for Counterfeit-How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace

Counterfeit items are increasing in the market these days therefore it’s necessary to check if what you are buying or selling is a counterfeit. Also, counterfeits are illegal to sell.

Use Caution In Car Transition

Car transactions are one of the areas where problems occur much and there are a lot of scammers. Therefore be sure to double check everything and if it seems too good to be true it definitely is. You should check the kind of the car you are trying to buy on other trusted websites to get an idea of what you are about to buy and check if the car you are buying is the same.

Therefore With this few points or safety rules or safety tips, we have come to the end of this post on How to Stay Safe on Facebook Marketplace. If you read this post very well and you understand it you can never make a mistake or compromise your safety when on the Facebook marketplace. So stay safe a till next time,

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