How to use Google Assistant’s New Routine Feature

The google assistant just got better. and on this post, we would do justice on How To Use Google Assistant’s New Routine Feature. just like Google and Amazon. artificial intelligence or AI is the future. and they are not going away anytime soon. That is why Google has decided it’s time to give its assistant new features. Don’t get me wrong the Google assistant has been great and doing well so far. on this post we would talk about the google assistant, the new features added, how to use them.

What’s Google Assistant?

Google assistant is an artificial intelligence that as the name suggests assists the users on different kinds of stuff they do daily. the google assistant can be used on both Android or mobile devices and smart home devices. and you can interact with the Google assistant using voice to engage in a two-way conversation.

Google Assistant Uses

The Google assistant is really a fun tool to use with lots of uses basically. The assistant can carry out searches by searching the net when asked questions that require an internet connection. It can also schedule events, set alarms. If you also want to adjust our settings on your device, the assistant can do that for you and also show you information based on your Google account. amongst many other features. start using it today to enjoy its benefits. and you won’t even have to touch your device to use most of these features.

The New Routine Feature

Routines are tasks or a series of tasks that you normally carry out daily. and Google is trying to make your routine easy by adding this new routine features to the Google assistant. so what Google is saying here is that with the new routine features you can say a word or a group of words to the Google assistant and then it would automatically start caring out the routines attached to the words you said.

For instance, by saying “Good morning” aloud the Google assistant will be activated and start to run you through your morning routine. like weather forecasting, removing your phone from silent and other stuff. The Google assistant is basically your personal assistant.

List of Google Assistant Routine – How to use Google Assistant’s New Routine Feature

The Google assistant routines feature as I have mentioned is a new feature. and I have made a list of the phrases or words to activate it. these are the once available at the moment.

  • Good morning
  • Leaving home
  • Commuting to work
  • Commute home
  • I’m home and
  • Bedtime.

Now the above is a list of the available Google routine that can be executed at this time. All the above have a list of actions that will be executed if you say aloud any of them when the google assistant is triggered.

How to use Routine – How to use Google Assistant’s New Routine Feature

In order for you to start using the routing tool, you will first of all need to download it and set it before you can start using it. Like always follow the steps below to start using the routine feature. The google assistant routine app is available for both android and ios.

  • Visit your corresponding app store
  • Search and download the ‘Google home app’
  • After installing it, open it and click on Menu
  • Tap on More Settings
  • Scroll down and then tap on “Routine”
  • Now tap on any of the routines for example the ‘Good morning’ routine to start editing it.

How to Edit a Routine – How to use Google Assistant’s New Routine Feature

Now once you have tapped on any of the routines you want to customize or edit. You can now continue with the process of adding and removing actions you want or do not want. By tapping or checking the boxes. so you might first of all want to change the routine ‘Good morning’ to be ‘I’m awake.’ Which will then carry out the normal actions you have edited on the ‘Good morning’ routine. Because it’s basically the same thing. you only just edited somethings and changed the name from ‘Good morning’ to I’m awake.


This new feature the Google routing it’s a very important one. And fun to use. Just imagine not having to touch your phone. But just saying a phrase or some words, and it will begin to execute all your normal morning routines, afternoon or evening routines, basically, this is a wonderful feature to use. Since it is the time for the artificial assistant, it is high time for us to hop on the bandwagon and feel at home with them.

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