How To Watch Live Matches On Android – Best App To Watch Live Sports Free

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I don’t know if you know that football is the best sport on earth and will remain the best sport on earth. Therefore on that vein, we are bringing to you this post how to watch live Matches on Android. So if you’re looking for a way to do that then you are on the right post. Because we are going to be looking at exactly how to do that on an Android device. We will be looking at an app that will let you stream live matches as long as your Android device is connected to the internet so sit back and relax.

This post on how to watch live Matches on Android will make you never miss any of your favorite team play on your favorite league. Because after you have to download the app you can watch any match at any time. You don’t have to worry about not being home on time, not having your cable tv working, being stuck doing something in the office, or completely forgetting that its a match day. now what is this app am talking about?

The Mobdro app – How to Watch Live Matches on Android

This is the app you want to use to watch your games. Almost all matches played on earth are shown on a different channel in this app. Therefore you don’t have to worry if the match or football you want to watch will be available on the mobdro app. The mobdro app is basically a sports app. Sports can be streamed live and direct from the mobdro app itself without using any third-party application. The mobdro app is available for download on Android. we would also see how to download it a later on this post. The mobdro app is free but one can decide to go premium in order to enjoy more functions.

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Best App to Watch Live Sports Free

There are lots of apps to watch matches on the android platform, not all of them are as good as Mobdro. The Mobdro has lots of features as we would see below. This and all making this app one of the best to watch live matches free on Andriod.

Features of the Mobdro app

I have been using this app for quite some time now. And I have come to like this app when it comes to streaming live matches. I take this app to be number one of them all. However some of the features of the app will be highlighted below for you to see.

  • The first feature we would look at is that matches can be streamed in HD quality which is what I like most about this app. This will replace the feeling of watching it on your normal HD televisions at home.
  • The mobdro app is always free. But you can decide to upgrade to premium for some extra added benefits. The free mode is just as good as well.
  • It features over 300+ channels including sports, comedy, and others it is basically your TV on the go.
  • Whatever video your watching, it can be downloaded directly from the mobdro app to be watched later on.
  • Finally the app support Chromecast.

For the sake of time and space I would stop there. I want you to try out the app yourself. To get the full features and the whole goodness of this app, you have to download it today and start using it.

How to Download the Mobdro app

Downloading the mobdro app is quite easy. however, its not available on the play store so it has to be downloaded via web browser from the mobdro site directly. follow these steps to do so:

  • Open on your browser.
  • Once the site has loaded, scroll down.
  • And you will see a button Download The App. And below it you will see the latest version of the app available and the size in megabytes, tap on Download The App.

Easy isn’t it? like I told you before. Once you have tapped on the download the app now button, the download will begin automatically. After downloading the app you will have to install it. But before installing the app you have to make sure you have enabled unknown sources and your Android device.


You can’t hide the fact that the mobdro app is a great alternative to watching sports, your favorite shows at home or in the viewing center. One of the things I like so much is that the app is free. And if you choose to upgrade to premium with a little token that will be an added advantage to you. But the free version works just well. so I encourage you to get the app now.

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