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This same platform that specializes in movies download also specialize in TV series download also. And that is what I have taken the time to bring you this post on Lightdl tv series today. One thing is certain, that I do prefer TV series to movies. And that is why I also love websites the offers TV series alongside movies. A good TV series will make you forget about watching movies. as they are longer more detailed more screen time and more viewing pleasure. And also the fact that TV series are available to download the next day they after been aired, unlike movies that will have to be in the cinema for months before it is available to download. So on this post, we will talk about like the Lightdl tv series, how to download them and other things on this post today.

Lightdl TV series

The Lightdl tv series is a normal TV series but these are regularly updated which is one of the best features of this platform. To suit the needs of their customers or consumers. They also offer high quality of series movies downloads in various formats. Like 1080p, 720p, and 480p formats all available for you to choose from when you want to download a TV series. Provided they are available for that particular TV series you want to download. Another thing that I love again about this platform is that downloading of TV series are quite simple and easy. and I said this in the other post on lightdl movies download.

This also applies on their TV series, as they do not redirect you to third-party sites or links or platforms before you can download an episode or a series. And as we all know those platforms that do redirect to third-party links or websites are always difficult to download from and most times most people end up being unable to download from there. However, with the the case is different. next, we will talk about the requirements to download from this platform. So you will know to get this requirement ready before accessing the platform.

The requirement to download lightdl TV series

For you to be able to pull off a successful download using this platform, you must have to meet certain requirements in order for you to do so. Do not panic because these requirements are simple and you probably already have them. Therefore the requirements are listed below.

  • You must have a mobile or computer device to access the platform with.
  • You must have a data plan or an internet connection. To enable you to access the platform.
  • You must have some percentage of storage space left on your mobile computer device to download the series onto.
  • Finally, you must have brains in your head.

So there you go. the above are the requirements to download from this platform. and I think that most or all of you already have these available so let’s go ahead straight and jump in on how to download Lightdl tv series.

How to download lightdl TV series

To download an episode or an entire TV series from this platform carry out the process below.

  • Visit which is the website of his platform
  • Now on the top left side, besides movies tap on TV series.
  • That will make the list of TV series available to be displayed on the screen for you to see. Now tap on anyone or scroll down and tap on Next to go to the next page.
  • Now scroll down to the season you want to select the quality of the episode and tap on it.

And that was easy, isn’t it? and just like that your download pops out and begins. no third-party sites, no third-party links, no rubbish, no redirecting no nothing.


The lightdl platform is an amazing platform that contains amazing TV series for your downloading and viewing pleasure. There is no denying the fact that this platform is one of the best TV series downloading platform available today. and also uniquely one of the best platforms that features direct links download, which is something that is rear these days. As nobody likes being redirected to another platform entirely. So I want them to keep it up as they are doing quite a good job at it. And that is one of the reasons this post is coming your way today. Therefore take advantage of this platform. thank you.

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