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This is not just an ordinary movie download website, but the is one of the best movie download websites on the internet. If you looking for movies, series, TV shows, applications, and games, then it is high time you check out the website. I guarantee you that this website will give you all that you want from a movie download website. Not only do they offer free movies download they also offer free software for PC as well as cracked software. That being said it means that this website contains all you will ever need if you are into downloading. And so on this post today we will talk on how to download the movies and TV series from this website easily.

From the introduction you know by now that this platform or website is all about downloads. Even if you take a look at the site name, the ‘dl’ stands for download in short. This is to tell you that this website means business which is the business of downloading. Taking a look at the website you find so many things once you land on the home page of the website. Firstly you will notice that you can find all the latest movies that have been released on the front page. And you can decide to choose from page 1 to the end to see all the latest movies. 

Another thing is that this site is not only for movies download but also has TV series and TV shows all for your viewing pleasure. This is because not everyone likes watching single movies others like me love series and TV shows a lot. Also if you are into Korean and Chinese movies and series you can also get them easily from this platform. in fact, the category of movies they have on the lightDL.XYZ are quite numerous. The site is not the most beautiful that we have seen but it gets the job done. With the simple theme, they have downloading movies and all sorts of content are easy to do.

Light Download Movies

If you looking to download movies this site is one of the best to download all sorts of movies. And one of my favorite features of the site is that they have different qualities of movies to choose from. You have qualities such as BluRay, web-dl, HDRip and more. Also, you got 1080p, 480p 720p 360p and others. of course this is to let you decide which one you want to go for, as they have different file sizes. So if you have a limited data plan I will encourage you not to go for the sizes of 1080p and 720 p of course you know it is as a result of your data plan limitation. Why for those having access to unlimited plans can easily download any quality of movies. Now let’s see how to download movies from this lightdl.XYZ website.

  • The first thing you want to do is head onto
  • Once the site has finished loading, from the topside tap on Movies.
  • The list of movies will be open on the next page you will see tap on anyone you want to download. Or scroll down and tap on Older posts to see older movies.
  • Now when the movie page is opened, scroll down to where you see “Click on links below to download”, now select a link and tap on it to download the movie.

Light Download TV Series

Downloading TV series from this website is also easy as downloading a movie. All you have to do is to follow the procedure I have carefully laid down below to do so.

  • Again head over today light downloads website.
  • At the topside tap on TV series.
  • Now scroll down and select any of the TV series you want to download and tap on it.
  • On the next page scroll down and select a link for any of the episodes you want to download and tap on it. Games

I mention above on this post that this website also has games, another of the weapons in its arsenal. And all of these games can be downloaded easily just by following procedure listed below.

  • Head over to the light download website.
  • From the top menu tab on Games
  • Tap on any game you want to download or Older posts to go to the next page.
  • Now scroll down and tap on the link below to download the game.

You should note that, most of the games are divided into parts. So you have to download all parts and extract them together as they are in rar format. So you are going to need a software tool to unpack the game files you have downloaded together to make a single file that you can install on your computer.

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