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What’s up guys I am back again with yet another interesting post for you guys today. This post is about locate device. That is how to locate your Android device when lost, stolen or otherwise. this post is going to be packed and if you have ever experienced such a thing before then you have to read through this post to the end. We are going to be talking about how to locate your device when lost, how to erase your device, how to lock it and so much more on today’s post. So do stay tuned as I take you on the journey of this post today.

Google locate device

Google which is the manufacturer of Android devices, has put in place several measures to tackle any issue in case your Android device gets stolen, lost or misplaced. This is to tackle the issue so that your privacy or your information will not fall into the wrong hands, and also to get your device back. in the case where your phone is misplaced, stolen or otherwise. That is the same reason why your Google account can be used to track your phone down and be able to locate the device wherever it is. This feature can also be called find my phone. however, they are also third-party apps that can help one locate or find his or her phone. Without the use of Google or Google account. We are going to be talking about both of them on this post today.

Criteria to Locate device your device

To find a lost or stolen device, there are certain criteria you must meet before you can use the Google find my phone to find it. this is where the problem is because most people’s devices do not meet the criteria and therefore they cannot be found. So if your device is not yet lost you might want to fulfill this criteria in case. but if your device has been stolen or lost there might still be hope for you.

  • The device must be turned on.
  • Device must have signed into a Google account.
  • It must be connected to a WI-Fi or mobile network.
  • Must be visible on the play store.
  • The device must have its location and find my phone turned on on it.

The above are the criteria to be met for your device to be found in case lost. now the embodiment of everything is to get the Google find my phone app installed on your device. And then set it up and make sure every other thing that needs to be activated is activated.

How to install Google find my phone app

To install this app is pretty quick and very easy all you need to do is access the Google play store in your done. The steps are below.

  • Tap on this link which will take you to the play store.
  • Now tap on Install and then tap on Accept.

Wait for the app to download. open it and follow the on-screen prompts to set it up properly. After the app is installed properly. You should check if the above things criteria have been turned on properly on your device. That is the criteria as mentioned above.

How to check if your play store visibility is on

To check if your play store visibility is on or off, do the procedure below.

  • Visit this link which will take you to your Google account.
  • Sign in if necessary. Now pick a device, under ‘visibility’ option.

How to find a device when stolen

To find a stolen device, which has the criteria above met carry out the following procedure.

  • Visit the find my phone page by clicking this link. And sign in to your Google account.
  • Now tap on the device that has been stolen. And sign in with your main Google account that is if your Android device has more than one Google account.
  • Now the Lost device will receive a notification.
  • On the map, you can find the location of your phone. or otherwise, you find the last known location of the device.

And that is all to find a device using Google find my phone. However, if your device cannot be found you can decide to lock or erase everything on it the choice is up to you.

Locate device using other third-party apps

However if the find my phone does not work for you might want to try your luck out on other third-party apps. Maybe one might work for you do not give up just try them out. One of such is the family locator which shows family members that consent to the app to be tracked on a map. Another app that can be used to track a lost phone is Cerberus anti theft, it has surprisingly impressive and well-detailed ways to track down your lost device. finally, the Prey anti-theft is also another very good help in tracking down lost devices. The bottom line is that all these apps can be gotten from the play store or the App store. Therefore I will encourage you to try out these apps.


The truth of the matter is that it is, however, necessary and reassuring to meet all the criteria needed for one to track his phone in case of an emergency. Whether it is lost or stolen you will be rest assured when you have met all the necessary criteria to track your phone. you can read back to this post and make sure everything you need to use the Google find by device feature is available or you can download any of the apps that have been talked about on this post in order to reassure you of regaining back your device in case anything happens to it. However, in the case where it is impossible to gain your device back, you might decide for a phone erase or a phone wipe.

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