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The marketplace facebook app is hardly news anymore, seen that most people on the Facebook platform already know about it. It is not news anymore that Facebook has launch and its users have been using it for quite a while now. However, that is not the focus of your post today, our post today is going to be focusing on marketplace facebook app android. So if you have an Andriod device and you are wondering about the Facebook marketplace, then you are in luck.

Marketplace Facebook App Android
Marketplace Facebook App Android

Marketplace Facebook App Android

Just like craigslist and other market apps where people shop regularly, the marketplace app is where exclusively Facebook users can buy and sell with each other. The marketplace offer is limited to only Facebook users. 

It suffices to say that if you are not a Facebook user then forget about the marketplace Facebook app on android because you cant use it. 

This app is a great alternative to the likes of them craigslist and others. Because with the marketplace app you can buy and sell things locally. 

Continue reading this post because I will show you how to access the marketplace Facebook app on android.

Marketplace Facebook Application

This app, however, does not just show up on your android device. There are certain requirements that must be in play for you to have it in your android device. The main reason why most people don’t have it is that it is not yet available in their location. Once it is not available then you can’t have access. Moreover to use it in that case you have to move to a location where it is available.

Also if you are underage you can’t access marketplace facebook app android. That means you have to be 18 years and older. Another reason is if you are new to Facebook. That is if your account is new you also won’t have access to the marketplace. 

So what about when you have all the criteria met? how then do you know you have the marketplace app, well let’s find out below.

How Marketplace Facebook App Android

For Andriod, there are two simple ways to access the Facebook marketplace app easily and we are not going to waste time on them. 

Firstly you want to open your Facebook app and check the top side of your Facebook application for the marketplace icon. Tap on it to access it from there.

Lastly, visit the Facebook marketplace link directly from your browser. It will take you directly to it.

How to get Marketplace on Andriod

There are a number of ways to get marketplace on Andriod lets see them below:

  1. Log out and log into your Facebook account again.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall your Facebook app.
  3. Try clearing the Facebook app data.
  4. Be active on Facebook if you have a new account.
  5. Lastly, change your region.

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