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Facebook marketplace is a place where Facebook users have come to know and love. Facebook which is the number one social media giant introduced us to a Marketplace not long ago. And so many users have fallen in love with it and many Facebook users use it for chopping, buying, selling, trading and much more. I think by now almost all Facebook users already know about the Facebook marketplace. However today we will consider the marketplace Facebook app download. In other words how to download or get the Facebook marketplace and use it on your device. 

Marketplace Facebook App Download
Marketplace Facebook App Download

So if this sounds like what you are interested in them you have to read this close to the end.

What is the Marketplace Facebook App

The Facebook marketplace in the short is self-explanatory. It is Facebook’s own buying and selling platform where only Facebook users can make use of it to buy, sell and trade. You want to note that only Facebook users are entitled to the Facebook marketplace application.

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When we talk about the marketplace app this does not mean that the Facebook marketplace app is a separate or stand-alone application. What it means is that this app is embedded on the main Facebook application which can be downloaded from your mobile store easily. Once you have the Facebook app then you might have access to the Facebook marketplace app. That note I said might I will explain it later on.

Marketplace Facebook app download

Talking about marketplace Facebook app download is just referring to you downloading the Facebook application and then accessing the marketplace app on it. This is the point where things get interesting if you want to use the marketplace app on Facebook.

As I mentioned above, the Facebook marketplace app is not a standalone app but it is embedded inside the main Facebook application. That means to access the Facebook marketplace you have to have the Facebook application on your device. I also mention that only Facebook users will have access to the marketplace. This is because the marketplace application is inside the Facebook application. So if you don’t make use of Facebook there is no way you will be able to access the marketplace.

How to access Facebook Marketplace app

Accessing the marketplace is as easy as it can get. That being said you need two things before you can successfully access the Facebook marketplace application on your Facebook application.

 The first thing is that you must first have the updated Facebook application on your mobile device. If you do not have the latest Facebook application then go to your app store and update your app.

 Now the last thing which is where things get interesting is that the Facebook marketplace must be available in your region. As a result, the marketplace feature is new and Facebook is slowly rolling it out to more regions. Hence there are still many regions that the marketplace is not yet available in. Now the bad news is that if it is not yet available in your region you can’t access it.

To access the marketplace for Android if it’s available to you check the top right corner of your Facebook application for a small Marketplace or shop icon. Also to access it on iOS devices check the bottom of your application for the marketplace icon. Finally for desktop devices check the left side of your Facebook when you have logged in for the marketplace icon. If you still can’t find the marketplace then there is one final thing left to do. This is to visit the Marketplace Link directly on your device. 

How to get Marketplace

 After trying all the possible ways to access the marketplace app if you can’t then there are a few things for you to try to see if you can get it.

 Firstly you have to update your Facebook application to the latest version. Then you can try switching on and off flight mode. 

You can also try logging out and logging in your Facebook account again. If that still doesn’t work then try uninstalling and reinstalling your app.

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