Nokia x71 Launched with Hole in Display – Price, Specs, and Everything Else

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Nokia x71 lunched with hole in display. if you think that only Samsung and honor can do the punch hole display, then think again. Because Nokia has just joined the trend. The cmpany which was previously owned by Microsoft after ending its contract witMicrosoftft announced that they will start to manufacture Android phones and after some years of manufacturing they are finally here. Nokia is now a full-time manufacturer of Android devices and they just launched their latest device which is the Nokia x71 featuring a punch hole display, triple camera, and other interesting features we will be talking about on this post.

Nokia x71 Launched with Hole in Display
Nokia x71 Launched with Hole in Display

Nokia survived – Nokia x71 Launched with Hole in Display

We never knew Nokia was going to surviving been purchased Microsoft. but they have proven us wrong and they are now manufacturing cutting edge and top of the line Android devices. The Nokia x71 which was recently launched features cutting edge specifications. And I also like to point out that this is the first Nokia Android device that features the triple camera set up this is a huge step for Nokia as they set on towards reclaiming the position as the top smartphone manufacturer after a very long time.

Features – Nokia x71 Launched with Hole in Display

The Nokia x71 is fully stocked with tons of amazing features or specifications and we are going to be talking about them on this part of of the post.


Like I have mentioned before the nokia x71 come with an LCD notchless punch hole display just like the Samsung s10e. With a screen size of 6.39 inches pure view display just an inch smaller than the Galaxy S10 and boost a ratio aspect of 19.3.9 which is an impressive screen considering the price of this device which we are going to be talking about later on their post. And the display features only one cut hole with only one camera on the it.


In the camera department, Nokia has really turned things up a notch going the extra mile which they have never done before by using the triple camera setup on the back of this device and a single one up front. On the front side of things on the phone you have only a single 16mp camera to boast up that selfie intake with an aparture of f2.0. while on the back of things we have the vertical triple camera setup featuring the normal Zeiss certified lens technology. There is a 48mp main camera and a 5mp one for sensing Depth for the bokeh guys and finally an 8mp wide angle lens for the guys that love capturing enough details in one piture.


Like we all know that the processor in a smartphone determines whether the smartphone will be in the low range, mid range or high range section of mobile devices. Now since the Nokia x71 comes with a Snapdragon 660 processor it is definitely in the middle section and this will make the price moderate. Or so we thought. The Snapdragon 660 processor is good for handling not too tense graphics games and can run tasks smoothly. so yeah its not bad at all considering the price.

Design and Storage

The phone feature a glass front and back with an aluminum frame around the edges of the phone the dimensions of the phone are this 175.2 x 76.5 x 8mm. I personally do not like glass phones because they magnet fingerprint a lot but that’s not a problem because you can use a case and you are good. on the other hand, the phone comes with a storage capacity of 6gb ram and 126gb of internal storage which is quite a lot and the standard for the mid-range phones of these days. The phone also have allowance for SD of up to 256 gigabytes and not more.


I am sad to say that this device does not feature the recent in display fingerprint scanner but rather has the traditional rear mounted fingerprint scanner. however for the now I think most people do prefer traditional fingerprint scanner as the in display fingerprint scanner is a quite recent feature and they will want to wait for some time in order for them to be absolutely sure that this feature is perfect before the start using. So yes I think a lot of people out there still prefer using the rear mounted fingerprint scanner for now.

Battery Life

The battery life of a phone determines the usability of the phone in the sense that if you have a big battery the way you use your phone will be different from those that have a phone with a small battery. However, this device comes with a 3500mah of battery juice which is enough to keep the phone going on mid usage. The device also boasts a nonwireless fast-charging technology in other to quickly juice up the phone when low. With this fast charging, you won’t feel much of the impact of the battery capacity as you can quickly juice it up when down. There is no wireless charging on this device because of th price point.

Price – Nokia x71 Launched with Hole in Display

If you are reading this post on the Nokia x 71 launched with hole in display you are probably wondering how is the price point of this phone. because all the other phones out there with the punch hole display are quite expensive. But I’m glad to let you know that this phone is in the mid-range section and the price is expected to be at 11,990 NTD which is approximately 386 USD when launched in Taiwan. Though the device is not yet available it’s however up for registration in Taiwan.

Why you Should Buy – Nokia x71 Launched with Hole in Display

Now before we round up this post, let’s talk about why you should buy this device. Well, isn’t it obvious if the device really comes out with that price of about 385 to 388 dollars? Then it will be the cheapest device with a punch hole display a decent battery life a great screen and the recent thread in triple camera setup. This device is definitely worth more than that price. its going to be a very competitive device for this price point which will make a lot of samsung and oneplus users think twice about getting a new device without considering it.


The fact that Nokia is still willing and still trying to get back to the top position is a very good thing for Nokia fans. That is because they are still willing to chunk out decent and good pieces of devices for the mid-range segment with specs that rival those of the high range section of mobile devices like the Nokia x71. Therefore this is one of the device to consider when getting your next mid range device for thia peice point.

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