Nokia X71 Vs Samsung S10e Comparisim – Battle for the Best Hole in Display

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Welcome to the ultimate battle for survival between two of the most notorious hole in display devices. This post Nokia X71 Vs Samsung S10e Comparisim will highlight the major features in both of these phones and we are also going to compare them to see which is the best. using some of their features and also price. So sit back relax and enjoy this post.

Nokia X71 Vs Samsung S10e Comparisim

Nokia X71 Vs Samsung S10e Comparisim based on main features

Since the launch of the Nokia x71 there have been lots of chants and today this device is going head to head with a more popular rival the Samsung S10e. To see if it would survive in an era where there are several other devices with the same and even better specs. We would compare the device based on design, camera, battery, display, performance, and finally price. therefore without further waste of time lets go ahead and start the comaprisim.

Design –Nokia X71 Vs Samsung S10e Comparisim

The Nokia x71 features a glass body i.e a glass front and back and an aluminum frame around its corner. while the front of the phone has a single cut out hole for the single camema with a screen to body rate of about 83.9%. A triple camera set up at the back dual sim and no gradient color, there is also a 3.5mm jack present, a type c port, and single speaker grill. While the samsung also comes with a hole in display a glass front and back and an aluminum frame with a hybrid dual sim. The back is complete with the dual camera setup, and there is the presence of gradient colors and an IP68 proofing for dust and water. Which is absent on the Nokiax71. The s10e also has an aprroximate screen to body ration of 83.3% with a 3.5mm jack and a USB C. so they are pretty much on par without the IP68 proofing


The display on both devices is similar with the Samsung haveing the edge here. The x71 has a 6.39inch IPS LCD display  of about 400ppl density and off course the normal hole in display with a single camera up front its a is FULLHD+ display. Which an aspect of 19:3:9 while the Samsung has a dynamic AMOLED punch hole display of 5.8inchs a ratio of 19:9. And a pixel density of  438pp which is way more than the nokia so yeah the samsung has the upper hand.


The camera of the Nokia x71 is first in a kind for Nokia. Been that this is the first Nokia phone to feature a triple camera setup on the back and a cut out one on the front. The front camera is a 16mp that shoots 1080p@30fps while on the back you have the Zeiss triple setup with a 48mp main camera an 8mp ultrawide angle shooter and a 5mp depth sensor camera. While on the s10e there is a single 10mp wide selfie shooter and a dual setup of 12mp wide angle and a 16 mp ultrawide angle on the back. I will have t go with the triple camera setup on this one.


On this aspect, the Nokia x71 won by a good margin. I really thought Sammy would have done better and gone with a bigger battery considering the price for this phone with such a great display. The Samsung s10e has a battery capacity of 3100mah while the nokia x71 wins with an extra juice of 400mah because it has a 3500mah which can have a significant impact on its battery.  So Nokia x71 is the clear winner here.


This is where the s10e has an edge over the Nokia x71 in the sense that it uses an Exynos 9820 or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with an Adreno of 640, a which is more powerful than the Snapdragon 660 processor with an Adreno of 512 making it a mid-range chipset compare to that of the Samsung which is high end. So yes you get better performance in gaming, tasks, and other graphics intense stuff. they both run on the Android 9.0 pie, while the Samsung now runs on the new ONE UI and the nokia runs android one. So i think this will be down to prefrence at this sofware level.


When it comes to price it comes to serious business. And where there is serious business there ain’t no playing around. The fact remains that no matter how you like a phone if the price is favorable to you, you have to consider another option with the price you can afford. So that said the s10e has a much higher price tag of about 700 EUROS in the Uk while in the US it starts from $749 – $849 depending on the storage. You can also consider deals for the samsung s10e. While the nokia x71 is alot cheaper coming with a price of about Rs 26,600 which is about $355 to be available from April 30 in Taiwan if no delay is encounterd.

Verdict on theNokia X71 Vs Samsung S10e Comparisim

Considering the fact that the prices of these devices are very far apart and the specs are not that different I would say based on the price, thNokiaia x71 is the one to go for. This is not sayng that the samsung is not a great device both considering the price point and the fact that the x71 has a biger battery and th triple camera setup its the one i woukd soend my money on.


The conclusion of the matter is that both devices are great. but what the. Nokia x71 lacks in processor its makes up for in battery though the battery could have been a 4000mah still considering other aspects of the device and finally, the price then the nokia x71 is a more worthy opponet.

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