O2tvseries app download – the official o2tvseries updates app

Good day guys, and welcome to this post today on o2tvseries app download. I am very excited to be bringing you this and also to the fact that the o2tvseries now has an app. Not many of you know that this great platform which we have been using for quite a long time now does have an app. and that is the same or the main reason why we are here on this post today. On this post, we will talk about the o2tvseries app download, how to use the app, how to download o2tvseries movies and TV series, and finally some of the importance of the o2tvseries app amongst others on today’s post.

What is o2tvseries updates app?

The o2tvseries app which was just recently developed for the o2tvseries platform. Thinks to address the issue of movies and TV series updates on the platform. the sole purpose of this app is for you to have regular updates. without having to visit the o2tvseries platform to know if there is an update on your current TV series and movies.

Therefore with the help of this app, you do not need to visit the platforms to download anymore. all you need to do is just to launch the app and check for updates on TV series and movies. And if there is you can find all the latest updates via the app. it is no more necessary to visit the platform sites before checking for updates. if you ask me this I will say it is quite a wonderful and a welcome feature, and it has been an instant hit among o2tvseries fans. and I even have the app on my Android device. Also, this app is available for iOS devices.

Importance of using the o2tvseries application

Like I’ve mentioned before this app is a welcome update and an added advantage. Therefore, the importance or usefulness of this app is listed below for your viewing pleasure.

  • The main importance is that it gives you regular updates on movies and TV series. Which is the sole purpose of the app.
  • Also directs you to the platform to download updates of movies and TV series.
  • it saves you the time of going through the different o2tvseries websites to search for updates.
  • Downloading your favorite TV shows and movie is made easy and faster.

We will have to stop there, for now, but to get the full importance and features of this app, you will have to get it for yourself. next, we’ll talk about the o2tvseries app download in proper.

O2tvseries app download

Here we will look at how to download the o2tvseries app for your device. downloading this app is actually very easy to download and requires no more than two steps to have the app downloaded on your device. all you have to do it’s just to follow the procedures listed below.

  • Visit www.o2tvseries.com.
  • Now tap on the place where you have ‘official o2tvseries updates app download now.’

Easy isn’t it? I told you before the process just required no more than two steps and you’re done. after tapping on that your download will pop up and begin. When you’re done downloading the app is about 6 megabytes install it and open it for the next process.

How to view updates using the o2tvseries updates app

To view update using the o2tvseries update app is very easy. however, you can view update for movies and TV series using the app. so to view any of the updates all you have to do is carry out the process below.

  • Launch the o2tvseries updates app.
  • Now tap on Movies on the bottom side of the screen for movies update.
  • Or tap on TV shows to get the latest TV series update.

How to download movies and TV series using the o2tvseries updates app

Downloading o2tvseries movies and TV series using the app it’s quite easy. once you are sure that there’s an update you will love to download. it is quite easy to download from there. Just follow the procedure below.

  • Launch the o2tvseries app.
  • After checking or browsing through the updates, and you find a movie or episode you want to download, tap on Home which is at the bottom left side of the app.
  • Now for TV episodes tap on the Visit site bottom below tvshows4mobile.com.
  • while for movies and HD movies, tap on the Visit site button below MP4mania.fun or mp4hdmania.fun.

To download TV shows

  • Visit the site for the TV shows and episodes which is www.tvshows4mobile.com
  • Just scroll down to where you have the alphabet, and tap on any alphabet containing the first letter of the name of the episode you want to download.
  • Now browse through to the list of TV series and tap on the one you want.
  • Tap on a season any season to download.
  • Tap on an episode you want to download.
  • Select from the list of three qualities available tap on it
  • Type in the CAPTCHA code and click on Continue download.

Once you have tapped on continued download your download will begin on your device.

To download movies and HD movies

  • For hd movies tap on the Visit site button below MP4HDmania.fun, while for mp4 movies tap on the Visit site button below mp4mania.fun.
  • Once the sites are open scroll down and tap on any of the movie categories you want. For example ‘Hollywood movies’ or ‘Hollywood HD movies.’ Depending on the site you are on.
  • After tapping that the list of Hollywood movies would be displayed, tap on anyone you want.
  • Scroll down and tap on Click here to download full movie.
  • On the next page tab on Click here to go to the download page.
  • Tap on any of the servers you want to use in downloading the movie.
  • Type in the captcha code and click on Continue download.

Once you have tapped on continue download the download will begin and that is all. however due to the fact that the process is a little bit long and the popping up of annoying ads you might want to be patient with this platform. To make sure you get whatever it is you want to download on the platform.


With the recent updates and the releasing of the o2tvseries app. This has been a welcome feature and development since we no longer have to browse through the different sites before we get our update. With the app, you get all the updates of your favorite TV series and movies in one place. Without having to first visit the individual sites to get them. And also you can kick start your download right from the app itself by tapping on the ‘visit site’ button under any of the sites that have an update on a movie you want to download from the platform. That will be all for this post, thank you.

am loyal smart and humble.