Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship at University of Canterbury New Zealand 2020

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The Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship at University of Canterbury New Zealand 2020 is on again. It is opened for international students who can show an outstanding academic record. Applicants should check through the eligibility requirements to get to know your status on registration if they desire to apply. Here is more description of the Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship at University of Canterbury in New Zealand 2020. So, you should read more about the scholarship from this article I have written.

Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship at University of Canterbury New Zealand 2020

Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship at University of Canterbury New Zealand 2020

The Orion Energy System Inc. was established in 1996 and its headquartered in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Orion Energy System’s initial public offering (IPO) occurred on December 18th, 2007. Then the company’s Scholarship at University of Canterbury New Zealand 2020 was established in 1994 by Southpower Limited, but later Orion New Zealand Limited. 

Eligibility Requirements

This scholarship is tenable for enrolment of up to 120 points, by full-time and part-time students/candidates who are enrolled at the University in either:

  • For a master’s degree program that includes a thesis, dissertation, or research project with a credit weighting of at least 90 points relating to the energy field in the broadcast sense.
  • The programme for a MEngSt (renewable energy) degree that includes a 30-pointer research project.

By December 10th in the year of application.

  • Applying candidates must have met the academic r4equirements for enrolment in the qualifying programme at the University of Canterbury.
  • And also must have gotten this admission confirmed unconditionally (including any English Language requirements).
  • Lastly, the applicants ought to have received a final confirmed grade for the qualifying degree.

Selection Process

The scholarship has a selection committee which include the:

  • Vice-Chancellor (or nominee).
  • Dean of Business (or nominee).
  • College of Engineering Dean (Academic) (or nominee).
  • Academic Dean for Science (or nominee).
  • A representative of Orion New Zealand Limited.

Selection Criteria

The selection committee is to select the applicants based on the below criteria:

  • Applicant’s academic achievement.
  • Applying candidate’s zeal and potential to contribute to the energy field.

If there is no candidate of sufficient merit in any scholarship year, no award will be made.

Conditions of Acceptance

After been judged by the selection committee, your acceptance into the scholarship program depends on:

  • Unless specified in the offer latter, an offer of a scholarship if it is not formally accepted within one calendar month of the date of the offer.
  • The scholarship must process and taken the year after the application year.
  • Continuation of a scholarship is conditional on satisfactory academic progress and adherence to the University of Canterbury statuses and regulations.
  • It will be required by recipients to arrange to meet with Orion New Zealand Limited to discuss their project soon after he/she commenced their research.
  • Applicants are to make a presentation company at the completion of the applicant’s research.
  • In the act of a recipient withdrawal from enrolment in an applicable programme for a master’s degree at the University of Canterbury during the term of the scholarship, it will be withdrawn and any paid funds may be recovered.

Scholarship Application Preparation

Follow the below guides to prepare for the scholarship application:

  • Research: It is good you get to know the full range of scholarships available to you. You should search for the University of Canterbury scholarship database and selecting the criteria that applies to you.
  • Check your eligibility.
  • Check application dates.
  • Gather the supporting documents.
    • Proof of citizenship or residency status like birth, certificate, passport, etc.
    • An evidence of community involvement, financial hardship, or ethnic background.
    • List of referees.
    • Provision of transcripts or records of learning.
  • Complete your application: The scholarship program aims at students who can prove they are worthy of financial support. Below are tips for completing your application:
    • Be sure to have provided everything that is required for and attach the required documents.
    • Provide a CV only if it is specifically requested.
    • Provision of signs and date privacy.
    • The students are to provide a referee report which is written statements about your abilities from a person(s) you select.

After completing this process, you have been qualified for the selection process. Some might be requested for an interview. And applicants will be notified by the scholarship office. You can get more information from the site Centerbury Key Information.


The deadline for the Scholarship at University of Canterbury in New Zealand 2020 is 15th October, 2020.

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