Periscope Data – Periscope Data Review | How Much Does Periscope Data Cost

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Periscope Data is an advanced analytics platform that does not settle for less functionality and flexibility. It is trusted by data professionals and businesses around the globe. This platform allows users to take in, store, analyze, visualize, and report data from different sources in a single connected platform. Periscope Data connects all data sources for analysis, visualization, and sharing of insights.

Periscope Data
Periscope Data

Periscope Data

This platform was developed by a team of hackers in San Francisco. It was built to provide businesses of all sizes with a system where they can safely process their data, perform queries, and test their models. Leveraging SQL, Python, and R users can also visualize key aspects of their business through interactive graphic displays and filters. This way users can easily gain insights that can further improve their operations.

Periscope Data provides a more broad selection of integrations so you can collect data from different sources easily as possible having merged with Sisense. It is used by innovative companies such as Crunchbase, Flexport, EY, Adobe, and ZipRecruiter.

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Benefits Of Periscope Data

Like other platforms, this one also has some benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Periscope data and some details.

  • It has an easy to navigate interface. Periscope data features the Ad-Hoc Query tool. This tool is designed to help you handle some complex data analysis without hassle. You can create models and do a lot more with this tool.
  • It has optimized data analysis. With Periscope data you can cut down the time spent on the mundane aspect of your workflow so that you can focus on actually getting actionable insight. It is equipped with an intuitive drag and drop interface. This way you can easily perform basic calculations and create visualizations without having to type lengthy codes.
  • It has more efficient query management. With Periscope data query management is not complicated as the platform can support different coding languages. It can support SQL, Python, and R so that you can perform coding using the language you are more familiar with. It also comes with natural language processing and prototyping.
  • Helps you create better and more engaging reports. It comes with a best in class data visualization suite that supposes a range of charting options. It also allows you to build your own from scratch so, that you can present your data in an easy way that you think is best. Also, it has text overlays to highlight certain information on charts.
  • Gives you an easier collaboration. You can get more results from your analytics via collaboration. Fortunately, it comes with insight sharing capabilities that let you securely share your data and dashboard across different channels.
  • Gives you a secure database. Users are wary of the cloud-hosted platform because of the serious security risks they pose. This is why this software went through great lengths to build a solid cloud infrastructure whereas a user you can securely store your data. It comes with data encryption, user-level permission, incident management, intrusion detection, and data recovery.

Features of Periscope Data

Here are the features of this software starting with its general features which include:

  • Data engine
  • Cloud data storage
  • Dara discovery and mining
  • Data cleansing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Prototyping
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Data preparation
  • Managed a redshift warehouse

Its data connection features include:

  • Data lake integrations (presto, Qubole, Athena)
  • Materialized views

Its data analysis features include:

  • R editor
  • Data exploration
  • SQL editor
  • Python editor

Its data visualization features include:

  • Custom visualization
  • Cohort grids
  • Charting
  • Radar charts 
  • Mapping capabilities
  • Color themes
  • Gauge charts
  • Text overlays
  • Box plots

Its other features include it’s sharing options which contain several distribution methods, data, and user management features. It’s security features, and its embedded analytics suite features.

How Much Does Periscope Data Cost

To get this software, Sisense for cloud data teams offer two different subscription plans. This depends on what kind of analytics function you require for your operation. The express plan is equipped with all the essential tools for analyzing and visualizing data. While the Pro plan allows you to find deeper insights using SQL, Python, and R. The pricing information for both plans are not available publicly. So if interested get in touch with a vendor to get a quote. They also offer free trial options for these subscription packages if you want to try it out before investing.

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