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Android which is the most used mobile platform presently is still one of the most favorite today. And with the help of the Play store app for Android devices is still standing strong. And that is why this post on Play store app for Android is coming your way. This post is packed and will teach you lots of things you probably do not know. Like how to download apps from the play store, free apps on the play store. Searching for apps on the play store. And must more to come on this post today. so if I were you and that is what I’m looking for I would sit back relax and join me on this ride.

Play store app for Android

Play store app for Android

The Google play store is a well-versed and well-packed store, that features apps games, music, videos, etc. Ready for any Android user to download. However, some of these apps are paid some are free likewise the music and videos. There are millions of apps on the Google play store readily available for users to download. Therefore, accessing the play store gives you access to unlimited apps downloading if you want. As far as your internet connection or data and your storage space do not run out. The play store is easily one of the best mobile stores available today. Due to the fact that majority of its applications are free for its users to download. That is the main reason why most users opt for Android instead of iOS. In other words, the play store is well-versed and contains any app you would want to download.

Categories of apps on the play store

As I have said above that the play store is well-versed in apps and others. which brings us to talk about some of the categories of the apps that are available on the play store for you to start downloading today. You will find the category of games, Social Media apps, payments and internet apps, photography apps, family apps, entertainment apps, music and audio apps shopping apps, etc. we will stop there because like I said there are so many categories of apps on this platform, of which we cannot mention them all. What you need to know is that there are thousands even millions of apps that can be downloaded from the platform. That means there is a 90% chance that whatever you’re looking for can be found on the play store.

Free apps on play store

If you pay close attention you will remember that I said that due to the fact that most apps on the play store are free. That is one of the reasons why most people opt for Android devices rather than iOS devices. As there are lots and tons of free apps on the play store. However, the fact that they are free apps does not mean that there are no paid apps. As there are also tons of paid apps on the platform. One thing is that some apps might launch being paid apps but at some point in time becomes free on the play store.

How to download play store apps for Android

If you use an Android device then half of the process is already done. Because without an Android device you cannot download apps for Android. Now once you have your Android device ready you need an internet connection, finally some brains on your head and a little storage space on your device depending on the app you are downloading. Below are the steps to download any paid or free app from the play store.

  • Locate the Google play store and tap on it to launch it.
  • Now, you either tap on the search bar which is above and type the name of the app you want to search for, or browse through the recommended app section or tap on any of the categories to select an app want to download from there.
  • In any case, after selecting the app you want to download tap on it.
  • Now if the app is a free tap on Install follow by tapping on Accept.
  • If the app is a paid app tap on the price on the app.
  • Tap on Continue to add a payment method. Tap on Credit card and follow the on-screen prompts from there to purchase the app.

After doing that you are done downloading, or purchasing and downloading an app from the Android app store. now you find out that the process is quite easy and simple to do.


Android is one of the top mobile phone platform breaking grounds today. why cutting edge smartphone technology that IOS and other smartphone platforms are trying to emulate. This is also one of the reasons why Android are at the top of the smartphone platform. there is also the issue of the well-stocked play store or market. The only downside I see on the Android app store is that apps and games are first released on the iOS platform before they are released on the Android platform. but what can we do we just have to manage it as it will still be available on our platform.

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