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Why there are many ways to prevent data loss, data loss is generally inevitable. Raid as we know it is designed to prevent data loss. However, from time to time raid can also be affected by the loss of information or data. That is why most people working with it would what to know how to recover raid data easily.

Recover Raid Data
Recover Raid Data

All around the world raid is used in a special data storage system or drive. Most companies and organizations even individuals use it. And every now and then there seems to be data loss. Now, these losses can be as a result of various factor we will talk about them later.

So if you use raid and you have experience data lost I will show you a couple of steps in this post today to resolve the issue.

Recover Raid Data

The raid hardware comprises different hard disks that are packed together taking various factors into consideration into notice. This is to increase and optimize performance in data storage for your system. 

That being said, to recover raid data depend on the way the raid hardware is configured in the first place. Some set up makes it easy to recover why others make it difficult to do so.

When there is a corruption in the array of hard disk this can easily lead to data loss. However, this can be rectified and the data recovered. Let’s see some of the causes of raid data loss.

Common Causes of RAID data loss

There are different or various reasons that might lead to lost to raid data loss. While some of these causes are instant loss others are gradual. Let us see some of them below.

  1. The crashing of the server can lead to data loss.
  2. Failure of some of the harddisks.
  3. Failing of a controller due to a power surge.
  4. Human errors.
  5. Physical damage.
  6. Virus or malware infection and others.

While these are the main cause of damaged raid systems, these are not all, these are just some of them. These might be one of the reasons why your Raid has failed.

Also, take note that these errors can occur at any time during usage. So take note of that during your maintenance.

How to Recover Data from RAID

The steps involved in recovering of raid data require you to download some software to aid in the data recovery. The steps are a little bit tedious but are easy to carry out. They are as follows. 

  1. Firstly follows this link and download and install the RAID recovery application.
  2. The next thing is now to create a disk image of the member disk using the disk button.
  3. Now for RAID 0 array you can select a minimum of any two devices and click on start RAID 0. This will initiate the process. 
  • If you using RAID 5 you can select all of the available member disks, and then click on Start RAID 5 to continue. 
  • Lastly, if it’s for RAID 0+1, 1+0, RAID 5E or RAID 6, then select all disk and also pick the appropriate disk from Other RAIDs.

4. The next thing is to wait for the program to run, which should not be more than a couple of hours. 

5. Once that is done, the recovery is already completed. What is left now is to select “Run ReclaiMe to recover data” or “Save layout to the XML file” and finally “Use with other data recovery software.” And you are done.


While the raid hardware is designed to be very tolerable and data loss resistant every now and then there is ban to be errors that will lead to loss of data. And they can come from anywhere as e have seen above.

What matters is that you are better equip to tackle the situation once it occurs. Now that you have seen how to do it on this post you are actually better off.

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