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You can watch Roku movies on the Roku channel. Roku created streaming for the TV and they aspire to power every TV in the world. They developed a streaming platform that delivers the best in class user experience. At the heart of the Roku platform is a propriety operating system, the Roku OS. This is built from the ground up.

Roku Movies

Roku Movies

This is best recognized for it’s streaming innovation which is a demonstration of their growing, passionate, and highly engaged customer base. Those who love Roku streaming devices because of their coveted content. Movie lovers love Roku because it provides them with access to their favorite and latest movies at their fingertips, with ease of use and value.

How to Watch Movies For Free on Roku

You should know that there are thousands of free movies available on your Roku players and Roku tv and if you are a fan of free stuff. Here is a list of channels in the Roku channel store that provides you with these movies. Add them to your Roku device and start streaming.

Channel list

  • The Roku Channel. This channel is currently streaming Hollywood hit movies like the Terminator, starship, Jerry Maguire, troopers, and much more. It also features live TV and live news.
  • Sony crackle. Sony crackle is showing hit movies like Ace Ventura, the blues Brothers, and ocean eleven.
  • Tubi. With Tubi, you can stream movies like Titanic, zookeeper, and TV shows like dog the bounty hunter, unsolved mysteries, and much more.
  • Vudu. Watch films like batman, Jerry Maguire and also TV series like Rescue Me and 3rd Rock from the sun.
  • Pluto TV. With this channel watch free movies on Pluto TV right now. Movies that include The matrix, Blade runner, The professional, and much more.
  • Coolfix. Watch movies like Valkyrie, The man in the iron mask, child’s play, lost in space, and many more on this channel.
  • Snagfilms. This channel has over two thousand movies, TV show episodes, eye-opening documentaries, and exclusive original comedy shorts.
  • WatchFreeFlix. This channel features comedy, horror, family, action, and drama movies with the new film’s added often.
  • Popcornflix. You will find movies like The girl with the dragon tattoo, Pi, Made, and a whole lot more.
  • FilmRisr Sci-Fi. This channel features sci-fi, horror, thriller, paranormal, and fantasy film’s.
  • DUSTx. This channel is must add a channel for Sci-fi lovers, with features does title robots, time and space travel, NASA, and much more.
  • Movies by In this channel, you will see movies starring Robert De Niro, Jason Statham, Nicole Kidman, and Charlize Theron.
  • Shout Factory TV. This channel is currently streaming Jackie Chan martial arts flicks. This channel is a VHS vault with classic 80s film’s and a number of free episodes of MST3K.
  • Classic Movies and TV. This channel streams classics from genres like musicals, martial arts, drama, classic television and so much more.
  • B&W Theater. Here you will find vintage movies, cartoons, and TV in glorious black and white.
  • Western Mania. In this channel, you will find John Wayne movies and touch will also find tv series like Bonanza, the lone ranger and so much more.
  • Western TV and Movie Classic. Find movies starring John Wayne, James Caan, Roy Roger, and much more in this free channel.
  • Film Rise Indie. This channel is a one-stop-shop for movie buffs looking for foreign and indie movies and it is updated daily.
  • King’s Movie House. This channel streams classics like the little shop of horrors, the three stooges, and the adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Free Sci-fi and Comedy Movies to Stream For Free on Roku

Here are some amazing sci-fi and comedy movies you can stream free on Roku.

  • Swordfish. This is a movie about cyberspace. A world protected by firewalls, passwords, and the most advanced security systems. Where we hide our secrets and a whole lot of money.
  • Dirty Harry. This American action film series featuring San Francisco police department homicide division inspector Dirty Harry Callahan who is notorious for is violent, and ruthless methods against criminals and killers he is assigned to catch.
  • Snakes on a Plane. In this movie, an onboard assassin releases a crate of deadly snakes in an attempt to kill a witness to a crime.
  • Here comes the bloom. Once a college wrestler, he is now a pathetic biology teacher in a failing high school. When cutbacks threaten the school music program and it’s a teacher he springs into action.
  • Jawbreaker. When an exclusive clique of teenage socialites accidentally murder their best friend on the morning of her birthday. The three girls responsible conspire to hide the truth.

Watch Free Drama and Romance Movies on Roku

Here are some drama and romance movies you can watch on Roku for free

  • Trouble with the curve. I. This movie Gus Lobel has been one of the best baseball scouts but now his age is catching up with him but he still refuses to be benched. But he is forced to accept help from his daughter.
  • Fruitvale station. Though he once spent time in San Quentin, a twenty-two-year-old black man is now trying hard to leave a clean life and support his girlfriend and young daughter.
  • Donnie Brasco. An FBI agent has infiltrated one of the major mafia families in New York and is living under the name Donnie Brasco.

You can also watch movies like Elizabethtown and rumor has it for free.

Watch Free Sci-fi/horror and Kids/Family Movies on Roku

These movies inlcudes.

  • Gremlins.
  • The shining.
  • Contact.
  • Shrek forever after.
  • Dolphin tale.
  • Nancy Drew.

These are just of the movies under this genre you will find on Roku. So visit Roku to find out more.


If you are looking for a free option to the Ruki tv presents you with one. There are lots of channels and movies to choose from and you can even make use of other TVs like NetFlix and Hulu on it.

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