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Talking to more than one person at the same time does don’t necessarily mean all of you have to be present face to face. And that is what the conference call is all about. Conference calling has been around for quite a long time and does not only work with those in a board meeting. it makes easy for you to communicate with your friends all at once. Even if you guys are in different countries. That is why this post on Samsung conference call is coming your way today.

This post will tell you all about how to do that easily with any Samsung device you have. From the first of the first Samsung Android devices to the latest, all can be used in doing that exactly. Now, let’s go there.

What is Conference Call

We all know that a conference is kind of like a gathering involving two or more people. The same goes for conference calling, which is where a particular person makes a call with more than one participant at the same time period and these participants can also communicate with each other via the conference call. It can also be set up in such a way that only the initiator of the call can communicate while others listen. Conference calling has been around for quite a long time and likewise the Samsung conference calling.

As I mentioned above in the introduction, almost all Samsung Android devices have that feature of conference calling. Even till now they still do have it embedded in their dialler. It is therefore easy to connect with more than one person during calling when using is Samsung Android device. We will see how to do that in a moment.

 How it works

The way Samsung conference calls and any other conference call works is easy. A caller dials a person’s number from either his contact or from the dial pad, and when the call is connected adds another participant to the call and keep on repeating the same process for the number of people he wants to engage in the conference. Now, this is very easy as you can see it doesn’t involve a rocket science process. furthermore the person who is instigating the conference call can terminate it at any time he wants, and also others can disconnect at any time. That is just the simple way of how conference call works.

Samsung Conference Call 

If you have a Samsung device it’s either you know that there is the feature to make a conference call that is why you’re on this post reading it. Or you stumbled across this post and you did not know that there is. Either way, I am glad to let you know that it is easy to make a Samsung conference call on your Android devices. I wouldn’t see any reason why someone would like to use any other Samsung device for making a conference call. Seeing as the Android devices are their latest and most important devices. So doing so on a Samsung device is as easy as It Gets and like I have said we will see that now.

How to make Samsung Conference Call 

To make a Samsung conference call as I said above is easy to do, and we are going to see how to do it now. However, you’re going to need a Samsung device, mobile network and then some brains on how to carry out the process easily. Once you have these things ready then let’s go over to the procedure. And remember I mentioned your Samsung device should be an Android device with which I do not guarantee it will work on any other type of Samsung device.

  • Top the Dialler on the Phone button to access your phone.
  • Now either dial the person’s number or select from your contacts and tap to call the person.
  • Once the call is connected and you can talk with the person tap on Add call.
  • Dial the number of the second person you want to add to the conference call then tap Send and when the call is connected tap on Merge call.
  • To disconnect the call when you guys are done, tap on the End call button.


What’s the caller taps on end call the conference call will be ended. Another thing is once you tap on add call to add a new member to a conference. The existing members will be put on hold so that you can connect with the new person. And after that merge them to the call.

Samsung S8 Conference Call

We are not going to waste anytime here as we are already rounding up on this post. If you have been reading this post correctly you will know I said that making a conference call on all Samsung devices is a bit the same. It’s basically the same process in doing so. To make a conference call on yout Samsung S8 is basically the same thing. You tap on the person you want to call and wait for the call to connect then tap on add call. And call another person jump then tap on merge call both parties together to be a conference. Like I said it is basically the same process in doing so. for more clarity go back and read the procedure above.

Samsung Conference Call limit 

This is a question that is easy to carry out on your own. If you own a Samsung Device you can easily try out and you will know the number of participants allowed on a conference call on a Samsung device. However, Samsung is an Android device and Android devices typically allow for adding a maximum of 6 participants. This might be the same for Samsung devices also. So if you own a Samsung Device it is better you tried it out on your own and then see how many participants it can take.


Now you have seen the basic way on how to make a conference call on or Samsung Android devices. And you have seen that the process is basically the same thing. So you can make use of this post to better understand conference calling and how to make 1 using your Samsung device. I will also like to end with this. Conference call does not only end with Samsung so if you like to get more participants. You can try using some conference calling apps to do the job. I will talk about that on more posts to come.

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