Samsung Galaxy Fold – Review

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Welcome guys, I am very excited to be bringing you this post on Samsung galaxy fold review. it’s been a long time coming and now this device is here. this device has been in the works for years with various company coming out with various takes on foldable screens but none has been workable till now. samsung and Huawei have pioneered the foldable display. on this post, we will review the various top function of this device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This device which is the biggest device yet for Samsung is a foldable screen device. That means the screen on this device is foldable. It can be folded inwards to reduce the size of the device to a normal phone and outwards to increase its size to a tab. the device was launched on February 20th, 2019 it will be available in the USA on April 26, 2019. while other places much later. And like always the device runs on the Android platform. Now let’s have a review of some of the top specs of this device.

Foldable Display

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This is easily the best feature of this device, the foldable display. like the name, Galaxy Fold the device features a screen of 7.3 inches super AMOLED dynamic display made of polymer materials that have flexibility capabilities, yes making it fold, its also called the infinity flex display. Therefore this is the largest screen on any smartphone as of now. the display uses an articulated spine at the middle of the device which ensures that the device folds gracefully. The company claims the device can fold up to 200,000 without any complication. when the device is folded you have a 4.6inch display. the device boosts an approximate screen to body ratio of 85%.


We have mentioned it before the device features a foldable design, with an articulated spine which allows for the folding of the device when folds in half. There is also the presence of a hinge which allows the device to gently fold and lock in place, so as not to unfold when folded. the device comes in various gradient colors like cosmos black, Astro blue, etc. there is a triple camera setup on the back and the dual cover camera setup on the front. Also, there is a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The device features a tablet when unfolded and a smartphone when folded.


The device features a triple camera set up at the back and a dual cover camera at the front. The cameras at the back are a 16mp ultra-wide-angle camera, 12mp wide-angle camera and then a telephoto 12mp camera. While on the front there is a 10mp wide-angle camera and an 8mp depth sensor camera. The cameras are for taking epic pictures of real moments. The ultra wide-angle camera is really put to good use on the wide display of this phone. This is one feature we are going to like very much.

Performance –Samsung Galaxy Fold

The performance of this phone is on the high side. It features a 12gb whooping amount of device Ram, for fluid gaming and multitasking. with a large internal storage capacity of 512GB for storing your files and data. there’s also 4380mah Duracell battery on the power has department of this device to power it all through the day with wireless fast charging. like the galaxy s10 the phone also features a reversible wireless charging that means, you can use the galaxy fold to charge other wireless charging capable devices. There is also a face ID on this device, why under the hood is a Snapdragon 855 processor Adreno GPU of 640 to handle the graphics intense activities.

Price –Samsung Galaxy Fold

Here’s where things get interesting. Because the price of a device is totally the reason why some people get it and others would not. the Samsung galaxy fold has a price tag of $1980 which is very high. this phone will need a new pricing segment which will be the higher high-end segment of devices. And therefore I think this price is going to be a huge turn off for a foldable device of the first generation. But I think people that would buy it would still buy it and those that would not won’t. It all comes down to what you’re going to sacrifice for what you want.


If you’re buying this device keep in mind that it is the first generation of foldable devices. as we all know that the first generation of devices is not actually that good compared to the future generations to come. However, Samsung has guaranteed us that this device can fold 200 thousand times without having problems. That being said if you are determined to get this device and have the money and you do not consider it being a first generation. I will encourage you to get the device.

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