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What’s up guys and welcome to today’s post. Today we will be talking about the Shopify stores, the top once, store cost and more on this post today.  Shopify is one of the best online marketplaces as at now and they are making waves all over the online market ecommence community. Continue reading this post to know what they are, and what they do if you don’t know them before. 

Shopify Stores
Shopify Stores

What is Shopify

Shopify is an online platform that gives business owners or newbies the ability to create a business website to use with their shopping cart solution. For selling, shipping, and to do other things including managing their products and using Shopify’s service. And this has proven to be very successful as there are lots of successful businesses including successful dropshipping stores using this platform.

Shopify Store Cost

Now if you are wondering about the cost of doing business with them then you are right to wonder.  This platform is not free, as they do require monthly fees to continue using the service. However, all stores on this platform including the most successful Shopify stores pay for their monthly subscription. And trust me what you pay is very little compared to the profit you will make when you register your business on this platform. So if I were you and I want my business to go global,  then it’s high time to join them and maybe your business can become one of the best grossing Shopify stores in no time. 

Shopify has 4 monthly plans which their customers can subscribe to.  We have the basic plan which is $81.50 per month and you can get it for 10% discount at $29.00 annually. They also have the Shopify plan which is $127.00 monthly and can be discounted $79.90 annually. Also, the advanced Shopify plan that goes for $344.00 and an annual discount of $299.00. Finally, the last plan which is the Shopify plus goes for $2041.25 with a discount of $2000 annually.  It’s important to note that these plans all go with their different qualities and features like a number of products, file storage and more. Also once you register for the first time you are entitled to a 14 days free trial after which you can determine the plan you want to join. Visit the Shopify pricing plans for that. 

Shopify Store for Sale

You can get stores to buy on this platform. Some people or business just open a Shopify store with the hopes of selling it later. Which actually presents a good opportunity for those who don’t want to go through the process of registering and opening a new one. In this case, you can just buy an already existing store to use. You can get some very nice and good Shopify stores to buy from on Flippa. All, you have too is just visit Flippa to see the available store for you to buy.

Shopify Stores on Facebook 

Facebook which is one of the best online social media platforms. and now is what I call a double social media platform.  Because it’s comprised of both social media and a marketplace. If you ain’t going there for socializing then you are going there for buying or selling which is actually nice.  And there are also some Shopify stores on Facebook for you to access. It’s very easy to use Shopify to sell on Facebook. To do that you will have to create a Facebook sales channel and get approved and then follow the rules and more.

Top Shopify Stores 2019

The Shopify platform is one of the best online marketplaces like I have mentioned before. and there are lots of stores on this platform that are making it online. and that’s while I will be giving you 5 of the top Shopify stores 2019. incase you what to personalize them or get an overview of them.

  • We have Haus – which deal with furniture and home goods.
  • The critical slide society – which deals on all kinds of apparels and one of the best Shopify clothing stores.
  • Studio proper – based on everyday technology.
  • Tluxe
  • Quad lock

These are the 5 top stores in Shopify as at this year 2019. to get the complete list visit see 50 Exceptional Online Stores Built on Shopify, which are also the best Shopify stores 2019

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